Jets $2.75 Million Starter Has Earned ‘Juicy Fat Contract Extension’

Robert Saleh, Jets

Getty New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh celebrating after a big play during an NFL game.

Buckle your bootstraps because the New York Jets are in second place in the AFC East after a complete dismantling of the Miami Dolphins 40-17.

So much history was made in the win, the most important of which was the ending of a terrible 0-12 drought of mediocrity inside the division. Now the Jets are feeling themselves and rightfully so heading into a Week 6 road trip to Lambeau Field.

However, before we get there our pair of experts Paul ‘Boy Green’ Esden and Michael Obermuller have some things to say about Gang Green.

Greg Zuerlein Earns Contract Extension, Jets Playoff Time?!

1. With the Jets winners of two in a row is it time to start talking… PLAYOFFS?!


I was at yesterday’s game so my emotions may have gotten the best of me but I already DID start talking playoffs on Twitter following the win.

Honestly, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The AFC is not as good as we thought before the season. The Los Angeles Chargers are banged up, Denver and Las Vegas look like the same old teams, Pittsburgh and New England have quarterback issues, and the AFC South is terrible.

There are seven teams that make the postseason and the Jets are currently one of seven AFC teams with three wins or higher.

Boy Green:

Honestly? No, it’s not time to start talking playoffs let’s not get crazy.


If we are talking receipts, back when the schedule dropped in May I said the AFC won’t be as good as people say. Back in May, I said the schedule wasn’t anywhere near as hard as people whined about.

It happens every year. It just so happens that on this particular occasion the Jets are taking full advantage of it. I predicted a 9-8 season before the year started and I’m going to stick by that.

2. If you were the owner of the Jets and you were going to give a massive overreaction contract extension to a player that has impressed you through the first 5 weeks, who would it be and why?


It’s got to be Alijah Vera-Tucker right? I mean this guy has started at not two, not three, but four different O-line positions for Gang Green — and he’s done so without a hitch.

Yesterday against the Dolphins, the stats were virtually flawless like usual — zero sacks, QB hits, or hurries according to Connor Rogers. This guy can do it all and having a player like that on the offensive line is invaluable.

I wouldn’t extend him right now obviously, given his rookie contract, but if we’re talking hypotheticals, AVT deserves the big bucks!

Boy Green:

You can’t go wrong with AVT he has been a selfless leader for this team filling where needed.

However, I’m going to the dark side of the force that doesn’t often get discussed: special teams.

I would like to take this moment to apologize to Greg Zuerlein. After missing a pair of kicks in the season opener, I was ready to toss him out with the trash.

However, since that wayward start, the former All-Pro has simply played like one:

  • 7-for-7 on field goals
  • 12-for-12 on extra points

Earlier this offseason the Jets signed him to a one-year deal for $2.75 million, but it might be time to ink something longer-term.

This man deserves a juicy fat contract extension for the rest of human history. Finally, the Jets have solved their longstanding kicking issues and it feels great.

3. On the other side of the coin, if you were the owner of the Jets and you were going to cut someone loose for falling short of expectations, who would you fire and why?


It’s always tougher evaluating specific player performances when you’re at the game so I gotta go back and watch again in terms of Week 5 mistakes but generally speaking, I feel C.J. Mosley can be upgraded next offseason. I know, he’s the veteran leader and he took the pay cut to try and help the team but in my opinion, he’s still overpaid.

I’ll admit, I’m not sure how Mosley did yesterday and I didn’t specifically notice any major pros or cons from my seats but Miami was running the ball on the Jets pretty well up until the fourth quarter. That does fall on the linebackers at times and the aging Mosley often feels a half-step slow or late.

Boy Green:

This may be harsh but I’ll go with Joe Flacco.

I know he had his moments including that incredible comeback versus the Cleveland Browns, but I’m fine with a youth movement. Whether that is Mike White or Chris Streveler.

Flacco is much closer to the end than the beginning and that last outing versus the Cincinnati Bengals was downright awful. That isn’t the first time he has performed poorly and it won’t be the last.

Jets Prediction and Some Fools Gold so Far This Season

4. Tell me a player who has been fool’s gold so far on the Jets? Someone who either has good stats, analytics, or people are talking highly of them but they aren’t all that in a bag of potato chips and explain your reasoning. 


If this question came in after Week 2 I would have said Joe Flacco, haha. Instead, I may have to turn on one of my personal favorites for a minute.

Defensive lineman John Franklin-Myers is a guy that always either leads the team in PFF grade or is within the top five. And yet, the overall production has been limited.

I saw something last night from Jets X-Factor film analyst Michael Nania that stated JFM had five QB hits in Week 5 and I see he was also credited with a half sack — so I might be voicing this after his best outing of the year so far — but even so, Franklin-Myers was paid to be a premier pass rusher and the Jets need more sacks from him.

The analytics are nice from the PFF king but this NYJ pass rush can still be so much better.

Boy Green:

This answer will be a bit anti-prisoner of the moment because on the season he has played poorly but as of late has really popped. That is Lamarcus Joyner.

After the tremendous outing versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, everyone was ready to put him in Canton, Ohio. It was a spectacular performance but the track record says it was merely fool’s gold.

5. The Jets are heading to Lambeau for a date with the Green Bay Packers. What is your weekly prediction and final score for this contest? (Obermuller leads Boy Green 4-1 to 3-2 on the season).


This is one I had circled before the regular season. Zach Wilson vs Aaron Rodgers on hallowed ground. It’s October so we probably won’t get the frozen tundra version of this legendary field but it should be fun either way.

I almost wish the New York Giants didn’t come back and beat Green Bay in London because now they might be more motivated here at home. I have to admit, I could see this one going either way and the Packers could be jetlagged after their week of traveling, but I’ll still say Rodgers makes one final play to beat the young buck.

I hope my hot streak ends and the Jets win number four but I’ll say the Packers hold on 31-28 in Lambeau.

Boy Green:

The Jets are feeling themselves after winning two in a row and I said it on Twitter, this game isn’t anywhere near as daunting as everyone thought before the season began.

This Packers offense looks broken and I think if you can bottle up the run game that’ll force Green Bay to be one-dimensional on offense. Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in football, but he hasn’t looked like it this season.

I think the Jets get another statement win and in the process win three games in a row for the first time since 2019.

Give me the Jets winning 31-29 over the Packers on the road. They haven’t lost on the road once this season, why would that change now?

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