Jermaine Johnson Called out the Eagles’ Manhood After Jets Win

Jermaine Johnson, Jets

Getty New York Jets linebacker Jermaine Johnson reacting in the middle of an NFL game versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

New York Jets linebacker Jermaine Johnson took his trash talk to another level after the 20-14 win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 6.

Speaking with Jets team reporter Caroline Hendershot, the former Florida State product revealed one of his observations from the contest.

“I mean you could just see it in someone’s eyes when they don’t want you to run through them,” Johnson explained. “I’m not even trying to be a bad A-hole or anything but when I sense that I know my immediate is to go right through your face and see how you respond. Like Marshawn [Lynch] said, honestly like no one likes getting hit in the face over and over again.”

Peter King Made a Similar Observation About the Jets-Eagles Game

In Peter King’s “Football Morning in America” column on Monday October 16 he made a very similar connection from his observations of the game.

“I told [head coach Robert] Saleh he had to find the TV copy of the game to watch. I told him [Jalen] Hurts is one of the most resilient quarterbacks I’ve ever seen, one of the great fighters at the position I’ve watched in 40 years covering the game. But something odd happened after the pick by [Tony] Adams, and after the Jets ran for the go-ahead touchdown on the next play. Hurts just stared into space on the bench. He looked … like he’d had it,” King explained.

“And when he got the ball back for one last shot, Hurts went incomplete, incomplete, two-yard completion, incomplete. Ballgame. Just weird. The whole thing. It’s like the Jets, by the end of the game, just beat this very good team down.”

The Jets’ defensive philosophy is very simple. They don’t run a complex scheme with all kinds of window dressing. In Layman’s Terms, they punch you in the face over and over with the same thing.

It’s a frustrating level of simpleness because the Jets continue to hit you with waves. The green and white had nine defensive linemen rotating in and out of the game, keeping one another fresh.

Paul Hembekides aka “Hembo” of ESPN provided this stat via “The Pat McAfee Show”:

“Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was pressured twenty times yesterday and that’s six more than any game over the last two seasons.”

That constant level of heat has beaten teams into submission throughout a 60-minute football game and that once again appeared to be the case against the Eagles on Sunday October 15.

Johnson Had a Breakout Game in the Week 6 Jets-Eagles Contest

Johnson finished the game with two tackles and three pass deflections. Two of those PDs resulted in interceptions for the Jets defense.

The first one came with 10:42 remaining in the second quarter on third and nine. Johnson knocked a pass out of Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert’s hands which doinked right into the waiting arms of Quinnen Williams who secured his first career interception.

The second interception that Johnson caused came in the fourth quarter with 13:55 remaining on the clock. On a first and 10 play, Johnson came screaming off the edge and forced a deflected ball up into the air and it was corralled by cornerback Bryce Hall.

Johnson is off to a hot start in 2023. Through the first six games of the season, Johnson already has two sacks. He only had 2.5 sacks in 14 games in 2022.

The former FSU product has graded favorably according to Pro Football Focus this season: 72.2 overall, 69.1 run defense, and a 63.1 pass rush.

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