Jets Situation Named One of NFL’s ‘Biggest Distractions’

Robert Saleh

Getty Robert Saleh and the Jets coaching staff were named one of the NFL's biggest distractions.

The New York Jets are dealing with plenty of drama, but it’s Robert Saleh and his coaching staff, not Aaron Rodgers, that has been named as one of the league’s biggest distractions for 2024.

Alex Ballentine with Bleacher Report named the eight biggest distractions in the NFL for 2024. The list included the Dallas Cowboys and their contract extensions, as well as the future of New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones.

Ballentine also laid out why Saleh and his coaching staff being on the hot seat is a distraction for the Jets.

“If Rodgers comes in and looks like his former self or at least orchestrates wins, then things will go smoothly in New York,” Ballentine wrote. “But if there are growing pains early in the season, it’s going to be hard for Saleh to keep things on track. Starting out on the hot seat in one of the league’s toughest markets is not a good recipe for a focused season.”

Should Robert Saleh Be on the Hot Seat?

Saleh has had a successful career as an assistant coach. However, his time as a head coach could be coming to end if things go poorly in 2024.

After a few seasons coaching in college, Saleh got his first NFL opportunity in 2005. He started as a defensive intern for the Houston Texans. He spent six seasons with the franchise before bouncing around with a few other teams.

The San Francisco 49ers gave Saleh his big break in 2017, hiring him as defensive coordinator. His defense played a key role in the team’s path to Super Bowl LIV.

The Jets loved Saleh’s resume as a defensive assistant. In 2021, they gave him a five-year deal to be their next head coach.

However, things haven’t gone according to plan in New York. In three seasons with Saleh as head coach, they’ve gone just 18-33. They’ve yet to sniff the playoffs, but expectations are high in 2024 with a healthy Rodgers.

Those high expectations come with a lot of pressure. If Saleh can’t get this talented roster into the postseason in 2024, then the Jets could be looking for a different head coach next offseason.

Nathaniel Hackett Has Even More Pressure in 2024

Saleh could be out of a job if things go poorly in 2024. However, Nathaniel Hackett could be out even sooner if the Jets offense doesn’t produce right away.

The Jets hired Hackett as offensive coordinator before trading for Rodgers. The two worked well together during their time with the Green Bay Packers. Despite that, Hackett comes into 2024 with plenty to prove.

Hackett didn’t even make it a full season as head coach of the Denver Broncos before being fired in 2022. Now, it looks like his job is already in jeopardy again with the Jets.

There have been some odd signs regarding Hackett this offseason. Quarterbacks coach Todd Downing was seen calling plays during a two-minute drill of offseason workouts. There were also rumors that the Jets had tried to replace Hackett this offseason, or at least hire someone above him.

That’s a bad start to 2024 for Hackett. If his offense can’t get on the same page right away, then it won’t be a shock to see the team move on to another coach in the middle of the year.

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