Super Bowl Champ Blasts Aaron Rodgers, Jets Amid Trade Discussions

Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Getty Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers barking off orders during an NFL game.

A Green Bay Packers legend just threw a wet blanket on the hopes and aspirations of New York Jets fans this offseason.

LeRoy Butler confidently said “come on Jets, y’all were 6-11, I know y’all beat us [Packers], y’all ain’t going to no Super Bowl” even with the potential addition of veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers during an interview with TMZ Sports.

Butler was upset with Rodgers’ appearance on The Pat McAfee Show where he said he intends to play for the Jets this upcoming season.

“To me, that was a kick in the groin,” Butler told TMZ Sports. “Like you’ve been here forever and you went through the Brett Favre thing. You know this fan base, so that was a little disappointing.”

A Packers Legend Sounds off on Aaron Rodgers, Jets Saga

Butler spent his entire 12-year NFL career with the Packers and during his interview with TMZ Sports confessed that he took three separate pay cuts during his tenure to remain in Green Bay.

He was with the Packers from 1990 through 2001, highlighted by a Super Bowl 31 victory over the New England Patriots.

Butler is a member of both the Packers Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Butler predicted that the Jets might win “seven or eight games” with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback in 2023. He then said the team’s ceiling for wins next year is capped at “eight games.”

Butler followed that up by saying Green Bay is going to win “9 or 10 games” in 2023.

He ended the interview by clapping and saying how excited Packers fans are about moving on to Jordan Love.

“Thank you Jets. Shoutout to Robert Saleh. Thank you! Woody Johnson, thank you!”

Curious Packers Trade Demands From Jets in Aaron Rodgers Talks

During the conversation, Butler revealed what his trade demands would be if he was the Packers negotiating with the Jets for a Rodgers trade.

He wants to swap picks in the first round: the Jets get No. 15 overall and the Packers get No. 13 overall. Butler wants both Elijah Moore and Denzel Mims because of their rookie contracts. A conditional pick in the future that is tied to how long Rodgers plays football. Butler would also like it if the Jets paid “some of his salary” to acquiesce to a trade.

If the Jets don’t accept that Butler said if he was the Packers he would then just sit back and wait.

The only real deadline on the calendar appears to be the 2023 NFL draft. If the Packers want picks that can help kick off this Love era, they’ll need to strike a deal with the Jets prior to April 27-29.

After that point, any trade that is executed will have to either feature future picks starting in the 2024 NFL draft or a combination of players on the Jets roster.

Another date that’ll be worth keeping an eye on is the NFL Owners’ annual league meeting from March 26-29. The Jets and Packers have likely been having trade discussions over the phone, but that’ll present an opportunity to speak in person.

Perhaps meeting in person can push this trade over the goal line so both franchises can move forward with their offseason plans.

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