NFL Exec Throws Shade at Eagles GM Howie Roseman Over Draft

howie roseman

Getty Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman.

The love affair involving general manager Howie Roseman may only exist among the media and the Philadelphia Eagles faithful. Roseman has been widely praised in recent years, and the praise was especially loud following the 2023 NFL Draft. Media pundits and fans were baffled by the fact that he was able to land Georgia defensive linemen Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith in the first round, among other picks.

However, not everybody has been overly impressed with Roseman. There has been some pushback around the NFL regarding the Eagles and their general manager. Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager recently reported that teams are “annoyed” with all the praise Philadelphia is getting. That wasn’t the last report about executives who believe the Eagles are getting overhyped. Carter was widely considered the most talented player in the draft but off the field and character concerns caused him to slip. In fact, many teams weren’t willing to use a first-round pick. Despite that, the Eagles were widely praised for selecting him with the ninth pick. One executive from an AFC team spoke to The Athletic’s Mike Sando and he threw a bit of shade at the notion that Carter was actually a good pick.

“We had an honest discussion, if he fell to us in the second round, would we take him?” the executive told Sando. “I don’t know. It seems like those guys don’t succeed, but you get a ton of points for drafting them.”

Time Will Tell if Carter Was a Good Pick

At the end of the day, there’s no way to know if Carter was actually a good pick right now. He could be the best defensive player in the NFL or he could be out of the league in a couple of years. However, the Eagles are perhaps the team in the best position for him to succeed. Carter now gets to reunite with a number of former Georgia teammates that can help him stay out of trouble.

Obviously, it’s up to him to keep from making bad headlines but going to a team with a winning pedigree and a ton of leadership is much better for him. It’s still possible that Carter flops but his chances of being a great player are much higher now that he’s in Philadelphia.

Other Executives Praise Roseman

While there are some NFL teams that are tired of hearing about how great Roseman and the Eagles are, there are those who are still willing to give him his flowers. One executive pointed out that Roseman is able to take bigger risks than other teams due to the fact that his team was just in the Super Bowl.

“When you just reached the Super Bowl like the Eagles did, and you have former Georgia people on your roster and on your staff, like the Eagles do, you can take that risk,” another executive told Sando.

A different executive praised Roseman’s ability to recognize value and the fact that his owner trusts him certainly helps.

“Howie Roseman knows value, for sure, and he knows how to squeeze maximum juice out of those trades,” a third executive said. “He has a lot of ownership support, too.”

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