Jason Kelce Leaks Eagles Strategy to Chiefs Star: ‘Maybe That Was a Mistake’

Getty Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

The Kelce Bowl is the fun moniker being attached to Super Bowl LVII. Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce are about to make history on February 12 when they become the first brother tandem to ever go head-to-head in the biggest game on the NFL schedule. It’s kind of a big deal.

Luckily, the Kelce brothers co-host a popular podcast called “New Heights” where they throw out hot takes and hilarious banter. In the latest episode, they teased official Kelce Bowl merchandise before talking about the impending matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. One exchange had Travis sneakily laughing like Muttley as Jason seemed to let a certain offensive strategy leak out.

The two were discussing the one-handed, circus catch by DeVonta Smith on a crucial 4th down early in the first quarter of the NFC Championship Game. The Eagles hurried to the line and ran the next play as fast as they could which prevented the San Francisco 49ers from challenging it. Replays clearly showed the ball hit the ground. It should have been ruled an incompletion. Two plays later, Miles Sanders scored on a 6-yard touchdown.

Jason revealed that the coaching staff teaches them to do exactly what they did. Get to the line with haste and snap the ball after any controversial call. But the Eagles make a point to go no-huddle after every single big play, according to Jason. It’s a small competitive advantage that Travis made sure to jot down and promised to share with Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

Here’s the conversation from the “New Heights” podcast:

Jason: For those of you who don’t know that is actively coached by I think every team in the NFL right now. If you have a play that you know you did not catch the ball … you are taught to run a play right away to prevent the other team from challenging it.

Which I know a lot of people are criticizing Kyle [Shanahan] for not challenging the moment you saw that, right? Because it happens so much now so why not just throw the challenge flag?

The only thing I would say to that is we also do a lot of no-huddle plays after big plays in general, so that’s something that our offense does so …

Travis: I’m telling Spags.

Jason: Well, he’s going to see it on the tape. I don’t think I’m giving away any …

Travis: I’m telling Spags.

Jason: Yea, maybe that was a mistake. Dang it!

Jason Kelce’s Wife May Give Birth at Super Bowl LVII

Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie, is going to be 38 weeks pregnant when Super Bowl LVII kicks off in Glendale, Arizona. She could literally give birth to the couple’s third child at halftime. With history on the line, no one from the family intends to miss the game and Kylie will be bringing a special guest.

“Kylie’s bringing her OB because she’s going to be 38 weeks pregnant at the game,” Jason said on the “New Heights” podcast. “That could be a super Kelce Bowl. If she has a baby in the stadium, it’s officially scripted.”

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