Steelers Named a Best Fit for 2023 Pro Bowl Quarterback

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Getty The Pittsburgh Steelers were named a best fit for Gardner Minshew

The Pittsburgh Steelers could end up disappointing their fans during the 2024 NFL offseason.

While there is hope that the team could pursue an upgrade at starting QB ahead of the 2024 season, the options for them are limited and they could head into the season with Kenny Pickett still as the team’s starter.

Even if that’s the case, the team will need to make a decision on their backup as they released Mitch Trubisky and Mason Rudolph is no longer under contract.

While plenty of options have been brought up to take that spot, there is one strong option tht has flown under the radar a bit so far this offseason.

Gardner Minshew is a free agent after a winning season with the Indianapolis Colts in 2023.

Maybe he’ll start to get more consideration as an option for the Steelers going forward after CBS Sports’ Cody Benjamin named the Steelers as one of the best fits for Minshew during the 2024 NFL offseason.

Minshew’s Surprising Success in 2023

When the Colts signed Minshew to a one-year deal during the 2023 offseason, it seemed pretty clear how things would play out for him.

He was going to compete with whatever rookie they drafted to be the starter, start the early portion of the season, and then get benched at some point during the year once that rookie was ready.

It was expected to be a rebuilding year for a Colts franchise that won four games the previous season.

His season didn’t follow that script at all. Anthony Richardson turned out to be way more NFL ready than expected and not only started Week 1, but looked really good right away.

Unfortunately, Richardson struggled to stay healthy. He missed the third game of the year with an injury and then was knocked out for year when he required shoulder surgery after Week 5.

That was when Minshew took over.

Minshew’s numbers weren’t the most impressive, but he put together a solid season with a team that hadn’t been expected to accomplish much.

He started 13 games during the 2023 season, throwing for 3305 yards and 15 touchdowns while 3 more TDs on the ground.

He ended the year with a 7-6 record and the team won nine games after having their pre-season over/under set at 6.5.

The Colts were even in the playoff race until the end of their final game of the season.

He ended up being rewarded for his performance with a spot in the Pro Bowl as an alternate.

Now he could be a good fit for the Steelers for 2024.

The Backup Plan for the Steelers

Pittsburgh might not end up landing one of those big names at quarterback that fans have been hoping for.

If they don’t, that’s fine. The options out there all come with some concerns.

However, if they don’t upgrade their starter then it is clear what they need to do this offseason.

They need to get the best backup they possibly can.

The Steelers need some kind of contingency plan in case Pickett doesn’t work out as a starter.

There is some chance that next season looks a lot like the past two seasons with the Steelers hovering around .500 even though Pickett isn’t playing well.

If that happens and the team is 5-3 after eight weeks even with a struggling QB, they should have somebody they can turn to off the bench that can give them a better chance down the stretch.

Minshew could be that guy. He’s never going to find himself in the MVP conversation, but he has proven himself to be a capable starting quarterback when needed.

He’s not going to make the Steelers a Super Bowl contender, but if they bring in a few of the right pieces during the offseason, he might be good enough for them to end their playoff losing streak.

That might just have to be good enough as the team is kind of stuck in a holding pattern at QB because their roster is too strong for them to tank, but their QB isn’t good enough for them to be in a contender.

That should make Minshew an option for the Steelers to consider for their backup spot in 2024.

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