Steelers Trade Proposal Sees Team Move Into 2024 Draft’s Top 10

pittsburgh steelers draft

Getty A trade was suggested for the Steelers that would land them the 10th pick in the NFL Draft

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers are hoping to see big moves after another year without a playoff win.

The move that has been brought up most for the Steelers has been picking up a veteran quarterback to improve the offense.

Bleacher Report’s NFL Scouting Department suggested something a bit different for the Steelers.

In an article discussing potential trade targets for each team in the league, they suggested that the Steelers should look into a big move up in the draft.

The deal would see the Steelers give up the 20th and 51st picks in the 2024 NFL Draft along with a third rounder in 2025 to acquire the 10th overall pick from the New York Jets.

In their proposal, the Bleacher Report team has the Steelers using that pick to select LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels.

The needs of the teams still in front of the Steelers couple with Art Rooney’s end-of-year comments about the QB position make that pick seem unlikely, but there are other options that could make the move worth it for Pittsburgh.

Potential Targets at Pick 10

While a quarterback might not be the answer if the Steelers move up to the 10th pick, there are some scenarios where making the move would make sense.

The first is if one of the draft’s top two offensive tackles drops.

Pittsburgh is expected to consider a tackle with pick 20, but there are two elite options in the draft.

Joe Alt and Olumuyiwa Fashanu are the top two options at the position and are both expected to be selected in the top 10 of the draft.

If the Steelers could get a top prospect to protect their quarterback, it would be worth investing the extra draft capital in making it happen.

The other scenario is if the Steelers believe there is one clear top option at corner that they need to move up for.

With Joey Porter Jr. having a solid rookie season shadowing opposing WR1s, an elite option playing opposite him could help them get back to being one of football’s best defenses.

If the Steelers don’t find themselves in one of those two situations, they should sit back and wait for pick 20 to fill one of their team’s needs.

Tons of Possibilities for the Steelers

Even if the Steelers end up sticking with the 20th pick in the draft, they have a lot of different directions they could go with the pick.

Different mock drafts have had them selecting Bo Nix, Michael Penix Jr, and J.J. McCarthy at quarterback.

Bringing in Amarius Mims to team him back up with former Georgia teammate Broderick Jones has become a very popular option.

They have also been linked to just about every corner with a first round projection.

A quarterback becomes somewhat more appealing if the Steelers don’t make a trade up to get one, but the other two positions seem like the ones the team should really be focusing on.

The 2024 class is deep at corner, so the Steelers should be able to find one they like even if they don’t land the top one in the class.

The Steelers have a big decision coming up in this year’s draft, but at least they know they have plenty of viable options for how to handle round one.

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