Tom Brady Called Out Buccaneers’ Teammates for Crying

Lavonte David

Getty Tom Brady continues to emphasize the Bucs' goal is to win the Super Bowl.

We know about Tom Brady’s relentless strive for excellence, but Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David shared a revealing story about the legendary quarterback leading up to the Super Bowl. During an interview on the All Things Covered podcast, David admitted, without naming names, that some of the Bucs players shed a few tears of joy after winning the NFC Championship. As David explained, Brady was having none of it, emphasizing their work was not done until they win a championship.

“When I realized that it was real. When I realized all the other stuff doesn’t matter unless it’s the Super Bowl,” David noted. “After we won the NFC Championship, you know me, I’m all happy and s—. It’s my first [one], I’m geeked up. Then, I guess somebody was crying, I heard him [Brady] like, ‘What the f— you crying for? We’re not done yet.’ …I don’t know if it was Chris Godwin or Jaydon Mickens, it was somebody. It was just him, ‘What the f— you crying for? We’re not done yet.’ Damn, you know what I’m saying? Yeah, he right, he right. I had two little tears, too. So, I wiped my s—, too. …I heard him say that and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m tripping, man. We still got work to do.'”

Here is the very entertaining interview with the Bucs’ star linebacker.

Arians on the Bucs Adding Brady: ‘We Were Missing That Belief That We Were Good Enough’

David’s story is comical, but it shows how much has changed since Brady arrived in Tampa helping the Buccaneers end a 13-year playoff drought. As much as Brady’s play has elevated the franchise, Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians pointed to the quarterback’s belief being just as much of a part of the transformation in Tampa Bay.

“I thought that [Brady] was the missing piece and then Jason [Licht] did such a great job of adding pieces as we went along – Rob [Gronkowski], Leonard [Fournette], Antonio [Brown] and other guys,” Arians noted, per “Ross Cockrell has been one of the best pickups we’ve had the entire season. So yeah, I thought it was possible and that was our goal, because I knew how good of a football team we had and what we were missing. We were missing that belief that we were good enough.”

Both Brady & Arians Have Emphasized the Goal Is to Win the Super Bowl, Not Just Make It

Brady and Arians have both made similar comments leading up to the Super Bowl about not being satisfied just making it to the championship matchup. Arians described the Buccaneers’ goal simply as, “the cause is a ring.”

“I think the great quarterbacks all have it,” Arians added. “They have the ability to will themselves on other people to make sure that everybody has bought in to the cause. The cause is a ring – putting a championship in your trophy case. Tom brings that attitude every single day and it permeates through the entire locker room.”

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