Sixers Waive a Nick Nurse Favorite After James Harden Trade

Nick Nurse, Sixers coach who has twice coached Danny Green

Getty Nick Nurse, Sixers coach who has twice coached Danny Green

When you’re in the position the Sixers were in after their late-night trade (finally!) of James Harden to the Clippers, you’ve got to make some difficult roster decisions. And it did not take the Sixers long to do so, as they waived veteran Danny Green.

Overnight, the Sixers agreed to send James Harden to the Clippers for a package of veteran role players, including Philly native Marcus Morris, former Sixers star Robert Covington and versatile forward Nic Batum. The Sixers also get back K.J. Martin, and will send out P.J. Tucker and rookie forward Filip Petrusev.

With four players coming in and three going out, someone had to take the fall. That was Green, the well-respected 15-year NBA veteran who has been with six teams in his career and was in his second stint with the Sixers.

Green made two appearances totaling 18 minutes this season, and did not score.

Danny Green Brought in as Vet Presence

It’s not a surprise that the Sixers waived Danny Green. He signed with the Sixers late in the summer, and he was added less for his skill on the court than his veteran leadership off the court. He was also brought in to help the transition of new coach Nick Nurse to Philadelphia, because the two had been together in Toronto when the Raptors won the championship in 2019.

Green has spoked fondly of playing for Nurse. Last month, when the Sixers went to Toronto in Nurse’s first return to the city after he left last year, Green said he was not sure what to expect for Nurse.

“They did give a warm welcome. And obviously he didn’t care to celebrate it too much, he was more likely trying to win the game,” Green said of Nurse. “But you know he deserved it. You gotta love that. (That the fans showed) so much love, especially in a city he spent 10 years.”

Green also said he was not exactly surprised that Nurse left the Raptors after 10 seasons there as an assistant and a head coach.

“Things happen. A lot of things,” Green said. “Not much surprises me in this league anymore. But it is a little bit surprising. But he’s a great coach. You see great coaches like that they bounce back quickly.”

Danny Green to Broadcasting After Sixers Waive Him?

Green should not be much surprised because, in his time in the league, he has seen a lot. It will be interesting to see what his next step is. He played only 11 games last season for Cleveland and Memphis, and at age 36, his time in the NBA is likely running short.

Green has fashioned a successful media career even as he has been wrapping up his playing career, working as a studio analyst and a podcaster.

After last season, Green addressed his broadcasting style, and said he would not be going after fellow players the way more seasoned analysts, like Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley. He is aiming for more level-headed analysis, like J.J. Redick.

“You know, JJ (Reddick) is good, he’ll tell guys when they’re right or wrong, but he’s still gonna back the players always. That’s always gonna be me,” Green said, per The Basketball Network. “(Kendrick Perkins) sometimes can go on a whim here and there and talk some sh** a little bit, but he keeps it real – keeps it a hundred. Some guys take it, you know, sensitively, but I don’t think you guys are that group that take it to heart, take it sensitively. So yeah, they’ll take it in good stride.”

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