Holdup in Sixers-Clippers James Harden Trade Talks Revealed

James Harden, Kawhi Leonard

Getty James Harden, Kawhi Leonard

The Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Clippers remain at a stalemate with James Harden discussions. On July 18, Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix reported that the reason why the two sides haven’t come to an agreement was because

“For weeks, Sixers officials have been canvassing the NBA for a satisfactory offer. It isn’t there. The Clippers, Harden’s preferred destination, are interested. But not, it seems, at the cost of Terance Mann and what’s left of their first-round draft capital,” Mannix wrote.

On August 18, Yahoo Sports’ Vincent Goodwill had a contract report. According to Goodwill, it’s not the potential inclusion of Mann that’s holding up the trade.

“League sources told Yahoo Sports contrary to popular belief, Morey isn’t stuck on receiving Clippers guard Terance Mann back in a Harden deal but is coveting future first-round draft picks with the so-called “Seven Year Rule” in effect.

“The Clippers’ first-round picks for the next few years are owed to Oklahoma City outright or subject to a swap due to the Paul George deal in 2019, but the Clippers own their picks in 2027 and ’28,” Goodwill wrote.

While the Clippers appear to be interested, they may not be so keen to give up first-round picks knowing that Harden’s contract expires in 2024.

Patrick Beverley Defends James Harden & Daryl Morey

New Sixer Patrick Beverley explained why both Harden and Daryl Morey have done what they’ve done on the August 16 episode of “The Pat Bev Podcast With Rone.”

“Obviously, (Harden)’s entitled to feel any way loss when he’s promised things, and on Daryl’s behalf, no matter what, his job is to get the best product for as cheap as possible. That’s his job. That’s the name of the game. You’re a GM, you’re a president, you’re trying to get a bunch of great product… and I think we’re in the middle of that right now. Obviously, it’s not a good look media-wise, organizational-wise”

While understanding both Harden and Morey in this situation, Beverley also explained why the two have had a falling out because of the situation.

“I definitely understand both sides. Saying all these players in this league, you get a ton of money. Obviously, you understand the player side because I’m a player. I’m always gonna be on the player side and also doing business with friends too. I’ve done business with friends that haven’t worked out to my liking, and then you have to end relationships because of that. So, I understand both sides. It’s just an unfortunate situation.”

James Harden Says He’s ‘Been Patient All Summer’

Jason Bristol of KHOU 11 News Houston caught up with Harden on August 17, where he asked Harden about how things are with the Sixers. Harden did not say anything as harsh as calling Daryl Morey a liar, but he gave an honest answer.

“I’ve been patient all summer,” Harden said. “For me, it’s just focusing on what I can control in this. Working out, staying in shape, and getting ready for a good season.”

Harden then confirmed that it is too late for the two sides to repair the relationship.

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