Paul Reed Throws Shade at Former Sixers Coach Doc Rivers

Paul Reed

Getty Paul Reed

Paul Reed wants to expand his game for the Philadelphia 76ers by doing his part in spacing the floor, which he believes he may not have been able to do under Doc Rivers. While talking with reporters on October 10, Reed seemingly threw some shade at his former coach when talking about the prospect of spacing the floor.

“Last season, if I was taking 3s, I probably wouldn’t have played for like 10 games. This year, they want me to shoot the ball more. I’m still making the adjustment and realizing where my shots are gonna come from within the offense,” Reed said, per PHLY SPORTS’ Derek Bodner.

Even though Reed didn’t name Rivers directly, it appears he had problems with Rivers’ coaching regime. Mainly that he would be restricted under Rivers’ tutelage. It appears Nick Nurse is different under that regard, but the only way to see if that will be for the Sixers’ benefit will be if and when they start producing on the floor.

At the same time, Reed has his work cut out for him since he has attempted 20 three-pointers throughout the course of his career and has made only three of them. The fourth-year center is already a fan favorite with the Sixers

Nick Nurse Says Paul Reed’s Role Will Expand

After the Sixers added Mo Bamba and brought back Montrezl Harrell – who’s out for the season with an ACL tear – Reed’s role with the Sixers appeared to be in question, but according to Nurse, Reed’s role on the team will only expand for the 2023-24 season.

On the September 6 episode of “The Pat Bev Podcast With Rone,” Nurse said that Reed’s role will expand to the point that he’ll see the floor with Joel Embiid.

“Will he play with Embiid? For sure. Like I don’t think that’s a question. He’s gonna be out there playing hard. He’s gonna be defending. He’s gonna be doing probably more than he’s done before. I think he’s ready to take a step up. He can play.”

Nurse also explained why he likes Reed’s game.

“I love him. He plays hard. He’s got an incredible nose for the basketball like I got a lot of time for guys that can go get the ball. The ball is pretty important. He really can go get it, and even when he doesn’t, he just misses it about 25 times a game where you think he’s gonna get it,” Nurse said.

Playing Reed with Embiid is certainly an experiment, but Nurse has the coaching pedigree to try whatever he wants. If Reed is a capable floor-spacer, that’s not the worst idea.

Nick Nurse Says James Harden Participated in Practice

Bodner reported Nurse’s confirmation that James Harden fully participated in practice, though it’s undetermined if he’ll play in the Sixers preseason game on October 11.

“Nick Nurse notes that James Harden was a full participant in practice but that his availability for tomorrow’s preseason game has not yet been determined and that he’ll have a better update after shootaround tomorrow,” Bodner reported via his X account on October 10.

Harden has been a good soldier since training camp started for the Sixers, and it may be in his efforts to increase his appeal so he can be traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. After all that’s happened during the offseason, Harden playing in a preseason game would be quite the twist.

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