Proposed Trade Swaps Sixers’ Tyrese Maxey & Tobias Harris for Controversial Star

Tyrese Maxey, Tobias Harris

Getty Tyrese Maxey and Tobias Harris of the Philadelphia 76ers

After failing to advance past the Eastern Conference Semifinals for the third consecutive year, the Philadelphia 76ers may have to make some changes. If they decide that’s what the best course of action is this summer, Matt Guzman of Sports Illustrated proposed a sign-and-trade that would send them controversial NBA star Kyrie Irving.

Guzman proposed the following between the Sixers and the Dallas Mavericks.

76ers receive: Irving

Mavericks receive: Tyrese Maxey, Tobias Harris, 2029 First-Round Pick

Guzman explained why the Sixers would be enticed to do a deal like that.

“Irving is a superstar-level starter for any team in the league. Sure, other teams may have their starting point guard, but the former NBA champion would still find his place in the rotation, providing both veteran locker-room leadership and instant offense.”

Guzman how, more specifically, Irving would help mitigate the potential loss of James Harden.

“Irving would make a strong replacement for Harden, especially considering the similar level of scoring ability he brings, though adding him wouldn’t come cheap for Philadelphia.”

Analyst Proposed Kyrie Irving as Joel Embiid’s No. 2

Irving’s former teammate Kendrick Perkins brought up that he believes Irving would fit well next to Joel Embiid as his second-in-command. on the May 19 episode of ESPN’s First Take.

“If I’m Joel Embiid, I’m watching to see what happens because I would actually love to see Kyrie Irving in Philadelphia with Joel Embiid,” Perkins said.

His co-host Brian Windhorst told Perkins that the Sixers won’t be able to sign Irving outright in free agency even if they lose Harden, to which Perkins said that President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey would make the necessary moves to get Irving to the Sixers.

“They could figure out a way to make it work. They have some pieces. We talk about Daryl Morey being the ultimate, brilliant mind of a GM. He could move some pieces that figure out a way to get Kyrie Irving in there if he actually wanted. Joel Embiid says, ‘I want Kyrie Irving,’ then they would need to figure out how to get him in that damn facility.”

Nick Nurse Praises Tyrese Maxey

During his introductory press conference, new Sixers head coach Nick Nurse talked about how hard it was to go up against Maxey.

“First of all, from afar, playing against him was very difficult. Just the sheer speed and quickness that he has, it was tough to game plan against him. Sometimes, you just can’t beat the speed,” Nurse said during his introductory press conference, per 6abc Philadelphia.

Nurse added that his jumper also made him more dangerous as a scorer.

“What our experience was it wasn’t just speed and layups, then he started shooting the ball really well, and he started making further layups, and then we were trying to get him away from the rim, but he’d still make a lot of them.”

Nurse followed that up by saying that Maxey still has for improvement in the creation department.

“He could be more of a creator. You say, ‘Well, what is creating?’ Well, creating is you’re scoring, or you’re drawing more people than one and then creating for others, so can he make the reads? All the reads? That’s the first place I would start offensively is getting him more reps in the pick-and-roll so he can make the reads to all the other players on the floor depending on what he sees.”

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