Tobias Harris Sounds Off on Sixers ‘Dominant’ MVP Candidate

Tobias Harris Philadelphia 76ers

Getty Joel Embiid #21 and Tobias Harris #12 of the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Philadelphia 76ers are no doubt hoping that the age-old proverb “third time the charm” is true this season. For the past two years, Sixers star Joel Embiid has fallen just short of taking home MVP honors, finishing runner-up to Nikola Jokic on both occasions.

Barring some unforeseen development, the league is headed for an epic third installment in the Jokic-Embiid MVP battle. Heading into the All-Star Break, the two big men are the favorites to win the award this season, with Jokic owning -240 odds and Embiid sitting second at +600 on FanDuel.

Soon, media and players will begin dropping their takes on who is the more deserving candidate. And unsurprisingly, Embiid is getting a boost from his Sixers teammates.

Speaking with USA Today’s Bryan Kalbrosky, Tobias Harris made a strong case for Embiid to win the award.

“You know I’m going to go with my teammate Joel Embiid,” Harris said. “He’s been dominant all year long. Our team is playing great basketball. We still have ways to go. He’s my pick and hopefully, this is the year.”

After leading the league in scoring last season with 30.6 points per game, Embiid upped the ante this season, sitting at 33.1 points per night. Embiid is also one of the league’s more efficient players, sitting second in PER.

Donovan Mitchell Praises a ‘Disrespected’ Embiid

Harris isn’t the only one who’s gone on record recently to support Embiid.

During media availability over All-Star Weekend, Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell praised Embiid, defending the ‘highly regarded’ Sixers big man.

“I think Joel needs to be highly regarded as well. I think he gets highly disrespected. He’s a guy that consistently, every night, puts on for his group,” Mitchell explained.

But Mitchell’s admiration of Embiid extends past this season. The Cavs star was quick to bring up Embiid’s leadership last season at a time when Philadelphia was surrounded by roster turmoil.

“And even in the past year with the whole Ben (Simmons) situation, not knowing who was going to be on the floor, and he continues to carry his team. I think he deserves a lot of respect in that race (the MVP race) as well,” Mitchell said during his NBA All-Star Media Day press conference.

Embiid also received some love from an unlikely source over the All-Star Break.

Nikola Jokic Teases Future Next to Embiid

When reigning two-time MVP Nikola Jokic took to the podium after the All-Star Game Sunday night, he was asked about playing alongside Embiid.

In reply, Jokic offered a bold take, leaving some to wonder if he was going into salesperson mode.

“If it’s a real game I think we can play together,” Jokic explained. “He needs to play four of course, just because he can defend a little bit more better than I, but I think, and I love to play with a big man who is really dominant. So I think it could work.”

Jokic might believe his fit with Embiid could work, but it would hardly be seamless. Though the Nuggets star boasts perhaps the best vision in the entire NBA, Embiid is hardly a power forward.

Nonetheless, there are examples of MVP candidates joining forces, including Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors almost a decade ago.

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