Eagles’ Darius Slay Puts Everyone on Notice: ‘Whoopin’ A**’

Darius Slay

Getty Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay celebrates an interception on October 10, 2021.

There are three things you can rely on in life: death, taxes, and a hilarious sound bite from Darius Slay. The shutdown cornerback never disappoints and supplied another money quote during his media availability on Wednesday. Slay continues to carve out a spot for himself on Philadelphia’s Mount Rushmore of outspoken athletes.

The three-time Pro Bowler has enjoyed a stellar 2021 campaign, one in which he’s racked up three interceptions, two fumble recoveries, and two game-changing touchdowns. More impressively, Slay has locked down the opposition’s top receiver with the ease of a one-legged trapeze artist. He is the NFL’s fourth-best coverage corner (83.6 grade, via Pro Football Focus) while allowing a measly 5.3 passer rating in single coverage.

It doesn’t get much better than that, so excuse Slay for crowing a bit about his exploits. Lock it down.

“I’m playing great, you know just doing what I’m supposed to do,” Slay told reporters. “Shoot, making plays, being in my spot – a lot of plays I make are just me hustling, or me just being where I’m supposed to be. And that’s just how it’s always been for me being a professional. My whole career I’ve just been in the right spots.”

And before Slay exited the podium, he had one last message for the assembled media: “I’m really whoopin’ a**, though.”

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Don’t Fear Joe Flacco’s Knowledge of System

Joe Flacco started the year on the Eagles’ 53-man roster as the backup quarterback behind Jalen Hurts. He was deemed expendable on October 25 when the season looked to be in the tank. Philadelphia has since climbed back into the playoff race by winning three out of their last four games.

Next up? Flacco’s new team, the New York Jets. Some are fearful the one-time Super Bowl MVP could use his knowledge of the Eagles’ system against them this week. He endured a full training camp and knows the terminology after all.

“Shoot, Flacco probably telling them everything we done did,” Slay said. “If the shoe was on the other foot, I’m telling everything that’s going on with the Eagles, too. Shoot, I’d tell them everything.”

But all that knowledge doesn’t mean anything if guys can’t execute. According to Slay, it’s about being in the right spots at the right time. He’s not worried about Flacco’s insider information.

“Nah, there really ain’t [an advantage],” Slay said. “Because at the end of the day it’s all about spots and if you can beat a guy to a spot or the ball’s thrown to a spot. The game’s really been the same since 1960, just better skill positions.”

Jason Kelce Explains Definition of Toughness

Jason Kelce played almost three quarters on a bad knee during last week’s 13-7 loss. The cameras caught him exercising on the sideline and begging trainers to let him back on the field. The 34-year-old was literally sprinting as he attempted to get his quadricep muscle to fire properly. It was amazing to see. Then again, it was nothing new for Kelce.

“It was just unbelievable,” head coach Nick Sirianni said. “I got chills thinking about how much it means to him to be out there and fight through things that he fights through. They should do a case study on him to see what makes him this tough.”

Kelce was asked what makes him so tough and shared a fun scene from the movie “A Bronx Tale” starring Robert DeNiro and Chazz Palminteri. Toughness has more to do with what you endure every day in life, not lifting 400 pounds or flexing your “machismo.”

“Toughness is a weird thing because the conventional mold of it is like macho, like very physically dominating, sometimes angry type of fellow,” Kelce said. “And that’s what I thought it was … but you really come to realize that toughness is the guys that come in and do the same thing over and over and over again.

“I’ve been around a ton of guys that just come in every single day, work their a**** off to be better, to service their teammates – that’s toughness and I’ve been around a ton of guys like that.”


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