49ers HC Kyle Shanahan Stirs Controversy With Comments on Eagles

kyle shanahan Nick Sirianni

Getty Kyle Shanahan with Nick Sirianni.

There’s a tense new rivalry brewing in the NFL between the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles. The two teams aren’t historic rivals despite being historic NFC teams but things are getting chippy between the two sides. The Eagles were able to beat the 49ers in last season’s NFC Championship game but San Francisco isn’t convinced that it was a fair game due to quarterback Brock Purdy getting hurt early.

The 49ers will be headed to Philadelphia to face the Eagles on December 3, which will give ample time for both teams to prepare. That’s something 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is very happy about. He didn’t want to see the Eagles in the first game of the season and feels like he’ll get a fair chance against Nick Sirianni’s squad later in the year.

“I am glad we’re not playing Philly Week 1,” Shanahan said, via Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News. “I want to play them at a better time. I want to make sure our whole team is right there. … We felt we didn’t get to do it last time, and I’m ready to go back again.”

Purdy may not be fully healthy when Week 1 gets here but he should be recovered by the team they play the Eagles in Week 13 barring a new injury or a setback.

Shanahan Dragged for Comments

The playoff matchup between the Eagles and the 49ers wasn’t very competitive. Philadelphia won 31-7 as San Francisco couldn’t do much on offense without a healthy quarterback. However, it’s not the Eagles’ fault the 49ers couldn’t stay healthy at quarterback. In fact, the team has had issues keeping their quarterbacks for years as Purdy was originally the third quarterback on the roster prior to injuries to Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance.

The Eagles took care of business and many called out Shanahan for undermining what the team did.

Losing a game due to injuries is always frustrating but there’s no guarantee the Eagles would’ve lost had Purdy stayed healthy. There’s going to be plenty of hype around the rematch between the two squads and there are months left of talking to get the teams even more heated.

Deebo Samuel Recently Went After Eagles

The Eagles will have no shortage of bulletin board material available when they face the 49ers again. Shanahan isn’t the only one in San Francisco who has suggested the Eagles only one because of injuries. Star wide receiver Deebo Samuel was even blunter in a recent assessment and isn’t happy with the trash talk from the Philadelphia side of things.

“All the trash talk coming from the Eagles fanbase and the players, you just get tired of that,” Samuel told Zion Olojede of Complex in an interview.

Samuel then definitively stated that the only reason the 49ers lost was due to injuries.

“We lost because we played with 10 people,” Samuel said.

There’s clearly no love lost between the two sides. The Eagles haven’t said much yet but there will almost certainly be a lot of trash talk as the rematch nears. Both sides will have to have that they are healthy or this will continue to be a talking point.

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