Famed NFL Agent Sends ‘Critically Important’ Message to Eagles

Howie Roseman, Jeffrey Lurie

Getty Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie talks to his most trusted adviser, general manager Howie Roseman.

Love him or hate him, Howie Roseman has traditionally earned high praise from his peers around the NFL. The Philadelphia Eagles general manager is regarded as the ultimate power broker, a guy that comes to the negotiation table with all his ducks in a row.

Roseman received pats on the back for his masterful navigation of the 2022 draft. Moving up for Jordan Davis. Trading for A.J. Brown. Adding Haason Reddick, Kyzir White, James Bradberry in free agency. The Eagles are loaded on paper.

None of it is by accident, according to legendary NFL agent Leigh Steinberg. He has long been a fan of Roseman’s work and never had a problem brokering a deal with the Eagles.

“Really positive with Howie Roseman and positive with Jeffrey Lurie,” Steinberg told Heavy. “Howie’s really well-networked, he’s privy to incredible amounts of information, he’s logical. They’re forward looking. And in terms of approach, they have a holistic approach. And they have stability. So, the fact that Jeffrey’s owned the team so long, and Howie’s been there, gives them continuity and stability which is critically important.”

Steinberg, of course, is a living legend in the sports agency world. He has been doing it for 48 years while representing the likes of Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Warren Moon, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, and Ben Roethlisberger. Jerry Maguire was based on Steinberg’s career. He knows football. He knows contracts.

“You make strategic suggestions, it’s ultimately the player’s choice, but he’s looking for guidance,” Steinberg said about negotiating quarterback contracts. “You’re using your best judgement in timing. If you get the timing right, and the player is starting to peak at the point where you can do a new contract, then you do it. If you miss something, then it’s a problem.”

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Steinberg Tackling NFL’s Concussion Problem

Concussions are non-arguably the biggest problem in professional football. There were 187 concussions during the 2021 season, technically up from 172 in 2020 – although there were no preseason games in 2020 due to COVID-19. The NFL is saying the “concussion rate overall declined” without those three games on the schedule.

Things are looking up, especially with the ground-breaking research now available to analyze head injuries. Preventing them is impossible but healing them is and Steinberg is the soothsayer. His homework on healing modalities – things like stem cells, hyperbaric oxygen, LED therapy, brain body boost, and rTMS sessions – has the potential to change the game.

“I’ve been like Anthony Bourdain exploring the greatest foods, only this is an exploration for new breakthroughs and protocols,” Steinberg said. “If you thought athletes can’t get any bigger or stronger, they can. If you thought injury could never be healed, it can … and faster.”

Steinberg’s thrown himself into the work. Literally, fully immersed. The 73-year-old NFL agent has undergone 150 light stem therapies and 150 hyperbaric sessions, while having 150 stem cells blasted into his brain. The result? He feels great: bad knees cured; sciatica mildly improved, brain function better.

“I think I’m bionic now,” Steinberg said. “[Stem cells] injected into my brain through the spinal cord, I think I’m cognitively functioning at a reasonable level. I had bad knees, pain in them, but that pain has gone away. I know cognitively, you have to leave it to others, it has had a dynamic effect for me, and I know it can help athletes and larger parts of the population.”

Baby boomers are one part of that larger population. For now, Steinberg’s target audience is professional sports franchises (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB) as well as college programs and certain high schools. His own clients are already being exposed to his “nine modalities” and the goal is to make them available in locker rooms across the country within the next year and a half.

Steinberg said: “Additionally, the goal is to expose professional teams, leagues, players’ associations to this and see, will they purchase the equipment? Will they send their players to healing locations? Some of them are [costly] but some of them are quite manageable.”

Remember, that could be the difference between winning and losing. Improved genetics in athletes, specifically in cognitive brain function, can lead to longer careers and more clutch performances. More Super Bowl MVPs, less waiver-wire vet minimums.

“If you can accelerate the healing process, that makes a big difference,” Steinberg said. “Is there a way to accelerate performance in critical situations? At the end of a game? Can you find a way to create stamina? Productivity? High performance? Mental focus? There is. That’s why I started exploring these different modalities.”

‘Cutting Edge’ Jeffrey Lurie, Andy Reid Memories

Steinberg runs Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, a full-service agency that has represented 12 Hall of Famers over the years. Patrick Mahomes is the most high-profile client on their current roster, so Steinberg has had plenty of interactions with Andy Reid.

He couldn’t recall a funny story about the former Eagles coach, but he shared the following: “My God, he’s the quarterback whisperer. And great head coach, and Patrick feels blessed to have him.”

Steinberg also has a soft spot for Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie. He’s been ahead of the curve on green energy and protecting the environment since 2010.

“Among other things I’m proudest of Jeffrey for is being the greenest team around,” Steinberg said. “He was on the cutting edge of greening up their facilities and all the rest of it.”

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