Ex-Eagles Hero Details Insane Super Bowl Security Fiasco with Kevin Hart

Malcolm Jenkins

Getty Former Eagles captain Malcolm Jenkins kisses the Lombardi Trophy after winning Super Bowl LII.

Malcolm Jenkins was ready to hold the Vince Lombardi Trophy and deliver an epic victory speech after winning Super Bowl LII. He stared up at the stage and saw teammates Zach Ertz and Nick Foles up on the stage and started walking toward the stairs. One problem, security wouldn’t let him up.

Jenkins – a team captain for the Philadelphia Eagles at the time – was told to turn back around. Which the retired NFL safety “humbly” did without incident. But Jenkins’ ego was bruised a bit, especially after watching the intoxicated exploits of actor/comedian Kevin Hart.

Jenkins was literally upstaged by Hart who went viral for all the wrong reasons when he tried to sneak past security and get up on the Super Bowl stage. Jenkins and Hart rehashed their shared experience from February 4, 2018 during a recent appearance on Cold As Balls from Hart’s Laugh Out Loud (LOL) network. New episodes air every Tuesday on their YouTube channel.

First, let’s hear Jenkins’ side of the story:

“I just remember, I was upset because I’m captain of the team. We came on this long a** journey, win the Super Bowl. I’m thinking, ‘Hey, I’m about to get on the stage and get my moment, give me the trophy, let me hold it up, get all my pictures.’ I get to the stairs and security puts his arm out. I’m like, ‘I can’t go on stage?’ No, I can’t so I go back with the rest of my teammates. Zach Ertz and Nick Foles and all of them are on the stage.

“I’m humbly just enjoying the celebration. And I see someone [Hart] jump a little security fence, weaving their way through the crowd, and then get to the same checkpoint that I got to, except that he was way more persistent than me. He was negotiating with the security dude to no avail.”

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Kevin Hart Reveals Tequila Fueled His Super Bowl Night

Hart was in a suite at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota when the Eagles beat the Patriots 41-33. There is hilarious evidence of him having a great time on social media. And the Philly native couldn’t stop from laughing as he recalled his antics, especially that moment when he attempted to jump a fence and get on stage.

“First of all, let me give you the full breakdown. You want to laugh? I’m going to make you laugh, let me give you the full breakdown, Malcolm, of how I even got down there. This is a big deal. Philadelphia is in the Super Bowl. I’m going. Man, we get in this suite … bottles, bottles of tequila are just flowing. We go trick play [Philly Special], we score on the trick play.

“I’ll never forget, we’re going crazy. I made the announcement in the suite. I said, ‘If we win, we’re going down to the field.’ We’re going down. Listen, we don’t have passes. I said I’m going to get us through, just keep walking. Alright, done.”

After successfully smooth-talking his way through the first two security checkpoints, Hart ran into the same problem that Jenkins did at the Super Bowl stage entrance. Security knew he was a celebrity and didn’t care.

“We end up on the field, I see the trophy,” Hart said. “I get to the guy, I go excuse me. He’s like, ‘No, you can’t get up here.’ I said, ‘Yes I can.’ He said you can’t get up here. I’m Kevin Hart, I’m from Philadelphia, that’s what I told him. I’m from Philadelphia. I know who you are, but you can’t get up here. Nobody’s getting up here. And, man, he put the strongest hand on my chest. And I remember telling somebody, this is when I sobered up a little bit, there’s cameras out here, this ain’t going to look good.”

Jenkins Champions Social Justice, Racial Equality

Jenkins co-founded the Players Coalition with Anquan Boldin in 2017 to give professional athletes a voice on how to improve social justice and racial equality issues in the United States.

It was the first group to put the power in the hands of the players themselves, something Jenkins takes great pride in. He actively meets with lawmakers and politicians to keep their agenda front of mind. And the organization has seen tangible change.

“Like pre-2016 guys did work in their own individual charities, right? And the more of us that do it, the more powerful they are,” Jenkins said. “And so we started to build collectives and actually started changing laws, meeting with lawmakers and politicians all around the country and it’s player-led, that’s never been seen before. Now we’re in over a dozen other professional sports, that have come along with us, there’s got to be a network of that is connected.”

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