Colts Starter Fires Shot at Eagles QB Jalen Hurts: ‘Can’t Miss the Layup’

Jalen Hurts

Getty Eagles QB Jalen Hurts is 2-5 as a starter in the NFL after losing in Week 3.

There is a strict rule that says defensive players can never touch the guy wearing the red shirt at practice. For Rodney McLeod, No. 1 was off-limits at all times. The veteran safety had to hold back and avoid laying any kind of hit – intentional or accidental – when he got anywhere near Jalen Hurts’ airspace.

That’s not the case anymore. McLeod will have free rein to unload on Hurts or any other former Philadelphia Eagles teammate he wishes to tackle on Sunday. The one-time Super Bowl champion has been drooling over the possibilities, especially if Gus Bradley — his new defensive coordinator with the Indianapolis Colts — decides to send him on a safety blitz.

“That would mean a lot to me, man. Hopefully, he sends me a couple of times,” McLeod told Bleav in Colts. “I know 1 is savvy, though, gotta watch for the dead leg, gotta watch for the slip. I mean, he’s a strong player, he has the ability to escape the pocket so we’re gonna have our eyes on him but I can’t miss the layup when my number’s called.”

Enemies for a day but friends for life. McLeod, who inked a one-year deal with the Colts in the offseason, hasn’t been shy in detailing his respect and admiration for Hurts. He had a front-row seat to watch Hurts in 2020 and 2021. He’s not surprised to see the quarterback’s growth and development.

“That’s my lil’ bro,” McLeod said of Hurts, via The Inquirer. “So, so happy for all the success he’s having. He’s developed so much as a man and a leader. I’m not surprised by his success one bit.”

Nick Sirianni Hopes to ‘Say Hello’ to Former Captain

McLeod was one of six permanent captains for the Eagles in 2021. Head coach Nick Sirianni allowed his players to hold a team vote to decide who the leaders would be and their selections didn’t disappoint. McLeod was always one of the most respected players in the locker room, a guy who proudly took the torch from Malcolm Jenkins and ran with it for two straight seasons. Everyone loved McLeod.

“Rodney [McLeod] brings a lot of leadership to any team that he’s on,” Sirianni told reporters. “He’s a great person, great player, great leader, super smart, and you can see that he’s identifying plays that are coming and that he’s a step quick to it because of how his accelerated vision works and how smart of a football player he is.

“So, we need to know that, and we do know that and have to make sure we put some seeds of doubt in his head. So, a lot of respect for Rodney. Look forward to saying hello to him after the game, but he’s playing good football.”

McLeod: ‘We Don’t Want to Be on That Tape’

The Eagles chose to let McLeod walk out the door in free agency. Nothing personal, they just wanted to cut some salary and get a little younger at the safety position. Now the 32-year-old returns to face his old team. And he’ll be bringing an extensive scouting report to the Week 11 matchup in Indianapolis.

“You have to pay attention to everyone,” McLeod said of the Eagles’ offense. “The skill group that they have and what they possess, each receiver’s different, each running back is a little different over there but they all utlitize them to their strengths and they play great team ball.”

McLeod had strong praise for Pro Bowl receiver A.J. Brown. No one on the Colts’ defense wants to get burned. “We don’t want to be on that tape,” McLeod said.

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