Warriors’ Klay Thompson Gets Candid on Beef With Suns Star Devin Booker

Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors and Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns.

Getty Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors and Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns.

During a matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns last season, All-Stars Devin Booker and Klay Thompson got into a verbal altercation amid a heated contest. During the war of words, Thompson held up four fingers at Booker to represent the four championships he won with the Warriors, and Booker has yet to win a title.

During a recent appearance on “Podcast P” with Los Angeles Clippers’ superstar Paul George, Thompson said he regrets doing the gesture and only did so because he was frustrated amid a shooting slump.

“I was in my feelings though, And Book was busting my ass that day. I was not where I needed to be. You know, stuff doesn’t age well, and that didn’t age well for me. I don’t need to be flexing four rings, bro. Like everybody knows that. That’s on Wikipedia,” Thompson said during an appearance on Podcast P with Paul George, Presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment.

“My game wasn’t where it was at and we all get insecure at times,” Thompson said. “I’m man enough to admit that we all have our moments of weakness. I’m not really proud of that one because I see Devin Booker and I should be proud of this young man. The work he’s put in.”

Klay Thompson Sounds off on Chris Paul

After the Phoenix Suns dealt All-Star guard Chris Paul to the Washington Wizards in the Bradley Beal trade, the Warriors quickly acquired him. There has been some skepticism on why the Warriors traded for the 38-year-old Paul and questioned the fit alongside their All-Star guard tandem of Thompson and Stephen Curry.

But Thompson is excited about the opportunity to team up with Paul, who he believes is one of the “greatest players ever.”

“I mean, we’re lucky. that’s one of the greatest players ever. He’s elevated every franchise he’s run the point for, and as a shooter, I’m excited because CP is going to put it right here on the seams, I’m going to get a couple of extra easy buckets every night, and he’s a winner,” Thompson said.

“I’ve played against him so many times and see how competitive he is. He’ll do anything to win. That’s the vibe we want!”

Klay Thompson Reacts to Jordan Poole Trade

But unfortunately for the Warriors, trading for Paul meant parting ways with their young star Jordan Poole who got traded to the Washington Wizards. Poole was instrumental in the Warriors winning the NBA title in 2022. But after a physical altercation with teammate Draymond Green that went viral, Poole had a rough 2023 season, and ultimately the franchise felt it was best to part ways with their star guard.

As excited as Thompson is to play with Paul, the star shooting guard admits that it “hurts” that Poole is no longer on the roster.

“It hurts to see Jordan [Poole] go. That’s the nature of the beast that’s this business. JP was homegrown, I saw him put the work in. I saw him go 2-15 in a game, but then he would be in the dungeon after, which we call our practice facility because it has no windows, getting shots up right after the game, and that reminded me of my younger self,” Thompson said.

“To see JP, follow that same footing I’m like man, this kid is going to be special, and we wouldn’t have won the championship without him. He was so important when Steph went down, and we played that series against Denver. So, Jordan is forever going to be cherished in the Warriors lore, just for what he did and helped bring us back to where we needed to go, and I know he is going to do great things in Washington. That is like Steph and I’s little bro.”

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