Steelers’ Cameron Heyward Teases QB Kenny Pickett: ‘I’m Kind of Mad at You’

Cameron Heyward

Getty Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman Cameron Heyward gave quarterback Kenny Pickett a bit little ribbing on his latest podcast episode.

NFL teammates can often form a bond that’s lasting for life. But it doesn’t happen over night, at least not for Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett.

Pickett married his girlfriend, Amy, this summer. As one would expect, the celebration had plenty of Pittsburgh flavor, including teammates such as tight end/full back Connor Heyward in attendance.

But one thing it didn’t have present was Steelers defensive lineman Cameron Heyward. The 3-time first-team All-Pro let the quarterback know about that fact when Pickett returned on the latest episode of The Not Just Football Podcast.

“I really gotta grill you first because I’m kind of mad at you,” Cameron Heyward joked. “How did Connor [Heyward] get the invite to the wedding, and I didn’t?”

Pickett didn’t invite Cameron to his wedding despite the fact the two of them have lockers next to each other. The veteran defensive lineman made sure to bring that up on the podcast on July 18.

Cameron Heyward Teases Kenny Pickett Over Wedding Snub

Pickett initially laughed at Cameron bringing up his lack of wedding invitation and then the conversation changed to other topics. But Cameron wasn’t done teasing the Steelers quarterback.

“Back to this wedding, I’m not done with this, shrimp, oysters. It was a mean setup,” the defensive lineman said. “I still didn’t get the invite. I’m pissed.”

Connor had the opportunity to bring Cameron to the wedding as his plus-one. But that didn’t happen for Cameron either.

“What makes it even worse, Connor invited my other brother to his wedding,” Cameron shared. “They both went to the wedding, and I still didn’t get invited.

“I’m not even my brother’s first choice.”

“No, you weren’t,” responded Cameron’s podcast co-host Hayden Walsh with a bit of a smirk.

Kenny Pickett Responds to Cameron Heyward’s Teasing Over Wedding Snub

Other than laughing, the quarterback tried his best to explain to the veteran why Connor was invited but not him.

“You know Connor’s my guy. Connor’s my guy. He had a good time,” Pickett said. “We go back to ’17. I tried to get him to go to Pitt.”

Connor chose a similar path to his brother, playing for a Big Ten school in Michigan State rather than Pitt. But that relationship formed at the beginning of college apparently gave Connor the edge over his brother in Pickett’s wedding invitations.

One of his other brothers, Corey, also went as Connor’s plus-one.

“That is kind of weird that you didn’t go but Corey did,” said Walsh.

Additionally, Pickett tried the old tactic that the reason he didn’t invite Cameron to his wedding was because Cameron didn’t invite him to his.

Cameron had a quick and hilarious comeback to that fact.

“I didn’t know you at the time,” Cameron said. “You were like 15.”

Pickett responded, saying that he could have been his brother’s plus-one.

The entire conversation was a hilarious introduction to another great episode of The Not Just Football Podcast. Catch the entire clip of Cameron teasing Pickett and the rest of the interview below.

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