Steelers Star Rookie Sends Blunt Message to Odell Beckham Jr.

George Pickens celebrates a touchdown

The hype surrounding George Pickens coming out of Pittsburgh Steelers training camp was real. It seemed like every day we were hearing about a different spectacular catch.

But so far, the regular season has been a massive letdown for the rookie receiver.

The offense is struggling, and consequently, so is George Pickens. He’s been targeted just 12 times through three games with 65 yards on five receptions, per Pro Football Focus.

But in the Steelers’ Week 3 game against the Cleveland Browns, Pickens showed a glimpse of what he can bring to Pittsburgh’s offense.

In the first half, Pickens made an insane one-handed catch on a 36-yard play while falling to the ground along the sideline.

Pickens’ catch nearly broke the Internet, earning praise from Steelers fans, non-Steelers fans and the NFL elite. Odell Beckham Jr. called the catch “filthy,” and former defensive back Darrelle Revis said Pickens’s catch is the “best catch ever.”

Pittsburgh’s own Pat McAfee called the catch “legendary.” Like the rest of America, he couldn’t get enough of it. “That’s gonna be a poster. That’s gonna be in his house, that’s gonna be in other people’s houses. That’s gonna be playing in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ halls forever.”

Immediately, the Internet started drawing comparisons of Pickens’ catch to Beckham’s crazy catch in a 2014 New York GiantsDallas Cowboys brawl.

Pickens heard of the comparison and had a most polite response to Beckham. “I have seen [Beckham’s catch],” Pickens said. “OBJ is one of my favorite players. Even if I do want to say it’s better, I lowkey want to say it’s not.”

Many have said Beckham’s catch was superior to Pickens because it was a scoring play.

While that acrobatic catch could go down in history as one of the best, George Pickens, 21, has only just arrived. No matter where you stand on whose was better, Pickens’ was outstanding and proved his future in Pittsburgh is bright.

Week 4 of the NFL season has only just begun, but by Week 18, Pickens’ catch could still go down as the best-ever of the year.

George Pickens Has Had Better Catches

As heralded as the catch was, the man himself said he’s had better. Six better, to be exact.

“That’s probably, like, 7,” George Pickens told the Steelers media on Sept. 29. “At [Georgia] practice, for real, I done made some crazy ones. One of them is on YouTube, so you’ll probably see it, but a lot of them are undiscovered.”

Pickens wasn’t lying.

Search “George Pickens one-handed catch Georgia” on YouTube, and a slew of videos pop up, including this grainy one from a 2019 practice.

George Pickens’ Hopes for Steelers Offense

The 2022 NFL season is still young, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have time to turn things around.

“One play at a time,” Pickens repeated to Steelers media on Sept. 29. Though he’s shown frustration, like on one of his wide-open plays like this, Pickens knows it’s just a matter of time before everything comes together.

“I feel like we’re going to come together comfortably and everybody will build camaraderie,” he said.

“Those little nuggets are signs that it can spark at any time,” said Pickens. “I feel like we’re special so when you have a special group, anytime it can spark.”


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