Ex-49ers QB Jeff Garcia Flames Mina Kimes Over Garoppolo Comments

Jeff Garcia Kimes Jimmy

Getty San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

As the debate around the San Francisco 49ers and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo continues, the dialogue itself is heating up.

Earlier this week, ESPN’s Mina Kimes and Stephen A. Smith drew attention for calling out and mocking Garoppolo for weighing down San Francisco in their quest for a Super Bowl. Kimes went as far as to say that Garoppolo is “the definition of being part of the group project that gets an A, while doing none of the work.”

That specific comment was then shared by OurSF49ers on Instagram. This is where former 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia comes in. Garcia was with San Francisco in the early 2000s, playing for the team for a total of five seasons and reaching three Pro Bowls from 2000 to 2002.

Garcia sounded off on Kimes’ “group project” comment by calling her out for being a woman and never playing football at a competitive level.

Who the hell is Mina Kimes and when is the last time she threw a touchdown pass in a game? NEVER! EVER! has she taken a snap or can truly understand the ability, the mindset, the physical and mental toughness, that it takes to play the QB position or any position in the NFL. The fact that there are people out there given a platform to talk about something that they have never done is hilarious and that’s how you have to look at her, she’s a joke! So let’s just laugh at her and support Jimmy, root on our Niners to go out and beat the living fuck out of one more team. That’s what it takes. She will never know that feeling. Can I get an AMEN? Peace

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Garcia’s Response Draws Backlash

Garcia asked for an “amen,” and did get close to 2,700 likes on his comment at the time of writing. However, the former 49er also drew many responses on Instagram and elsewhere from people that vehemently disagreed.

The conversation occasionally focused around on if Kimes was right or wrong in her hot take, but Garcia’s call-out also added a social dynamic to the conversation.

“Mina Kimes wasn’t wrong about Jimmy,” Niners Nation’s Rich Madrid wrote. “It shouldn’t be this earth shattering thing to hear someone in the national media finally say it. But whatever. Also Jeff Garcia sucks lmfao.”

Sports Illustrated’s David Liechty praised Kimes, and credits negative responses from Garcia and other 49ers fans due to their inability to view Garoppolo and the team objectively.

Kimes & Smith’s Additional Comments

The specific quote from Kimes is what drove a lot of the debate and obviously was what prompted Garcia responded to specifically. However, Kimes had a considerable amount of build-up to her “group project” analogy.

“I’m not a Niners hater,” Kimes said. “I see them winning [the NFC Championship.] I see them winning because of their excellent pass rush. I see them winning because [defensive coordinator] DeMeco Ryans and [head coach] Kyle Shanahan are doing a hell of a job. [Wide receiver] Deebo Samuel is incredible, [tackle] Trent Williams is amazing. Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t the reason they’re winning. They’re winning with him, but not because of him.”

Meanwhile, Smith got up out of his chair and mocked Jimmy G at one point in the program, miming a handoff and saying that’s all the quarterback does.

Based on this week, the Garoppolo debate isn’t ending anytime soon.

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