49ers a Top Possible Destination for Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

Getty Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers.

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 31-26, in the NFC title game on Sunday. It was likely Rodger’s last chance at another Super Bowl with retirement lingering.

Following the loss, Rodgers made it clear his future in Green Bay is up in the air.

“A lot of guys’ futures [are] uncertain, myself included,” Rodgers told ESPN.

Rodgers still has plenty of juice left in him and probably doesn’t want to go out with an embarrassing, so instead of retirement, trade rumors are being stirred up. And it’s not out of reach, considering the Packers drafted rookie QB Jordan Love last year and it’ll soon be time to look into that investment.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio listed six destinations for Rodgers and the San Francisco 49ers made the cut.

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Rodgers Labeled As Best Fit for 49ers, Per NBC Sports

Now, Kyle Shanahan has made it known he wants Jimmy Garropolo back next season, but if a franchise veteran QB came calling, it might be hard to pass up.

Now, there are going to be plenty of options up for grabs between Lions’ Matthew Stafford, Texans’ Deshaun Watson, and may even Falcons’ Matt Ryan.

But Rodgers is a California native and coming home to retire could be ideal. Though it’s much more than that and NBS Sports Bay Area Matt Maiocco explains why Rodgers with be the 49ers’ best bet.

“I think if you were to rank them, most likely, as far as what it would cost to get one of these players, I think Stafford would be at the top of the list,” Maiocco said on 49ersTalk. “As far as not having to give up as much as you would for Deshaun Watson and for Aaron Rodgers.

“I’d say, if you put all three of those players on equal footing and equal ground, and they’re not obviously, I think Stafford would be the most likely to obtain in a trade. Then I think it would be Rodgers. And because Deshaun Watson is only 25 years old and he’s signed through 2025, it would take the most, whether draft capital or players as well.

“The best fit, and the guy who would be able to step in next season and be able to take the 49ers as far as they could possibly go, would be Aaron Rodgers,” Maiocco said. “The best guy for the long-term, the next half-dozen years would be Deshaun Watson. The guy that could enable to keep the roster as close to what it is now, and supply an upgrade at the quarterback situation would be Matthew Stafford.”

So what Maiocco is saying, is that it’s going to come down to how much the Niners would be willing to give up in exchange for veteran QB trade and it’s likely not going to be their top players. Watson would cost the Niners Nick Bosa no doubt and Stafford isn’t much of an upgrade from a healthy Jimmy G. leaving Rodgers affordable and able to take over the offense immediately.

But..Rodgers is infamous for holding grudges and he might have one with the Niners.

The Niners Passed on Rodgers in 2005 for Alex Smith

Rodgers, a star out of Cal, was projected as a possible No. 1 overall pick ahead of the 2005 NFL Draft. The Niners held the first pick that spring and many figured it only made sense for Rodgers to continue his football career in his home state.

That perfect image wasn’t the case. The 49ers would go on to draft Alex Smith out of Utah that year and Rodgers stayed on the board until the Packers selected him at No. 24. Rodgers went on to tell reporters the Niners would regret not picking him.

NFL legend and former 49er himself, Jerry Rice, strongly believes Rodgers is still holding that grudge.

“Aaron is not going to want to come here,” Rice said during an appearance on 95.7 The Game. “Aaron is not going to want to come here because the 49ers didn’t draft him. He’s still got that grudge. He’s still got that on his shoulders. I’m not saying this guy is not going to stay in Green Bay because it’s got to be frustrating to him because he has lost the last two championship games.”

It’ll be interesting to see where the future Hall of Famer ends up, but for now, one can only speculate.

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