Analyst Shares Telling Conversation Between he & 49ers’ Samuel

Deebo Samuel

Getty Deebo Samuel during 2021 training camp with the 49ers.

By now, the term “wide back” has gone from a popularized position made famous in dominating fashion by Deebo Samuel, to helping lead into an offseason of tensions between he and the San Francisco 49ers.

Samuel continues to await his new contract with the 49ers. But several reports indicated that Samuel had become unhappy with his usage in the 49ers offense along with the contract talks. Samuel has also had some backers in the form of former 49ers Terrell Owens and his Ex-49ers teammate Richard Sherman.

One notable NFL analyst, though, shared tidbits of a telling conversation he had in the past with Samuel during a conference call with reporters on Monday, May 16.

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What the Newest Member of MNF Said

The new Monday Night Football team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman addressed the topic of the 49ers during their call with NFL reporters.

Buck got asked about Samuel and his utilization as a running back and wide receiver. And that was when Buck revealed a past conversation Samuel had with Buck and Aikman during their final season with Fox.

“I know there’s a lot of speculation that he doesn’t like how he’s been used,” Buck said via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area. “When he talked to us, he didn’t mind the running back stuff, and said sometimes he comes out of games less sore than he comes out of games when he’s just split out or just playing the role of a wide receiver.”

It’s quite the reverse from what many have read and heard about the “wide back” talk.

Sherman was one of the more vocal voices about Samuel’s usage during his podcast on April 27.

“Because there’s a different beating you take,” Sherman said. “People are like ‘Man, look at how tough he is! Look at those big runs. Look at all the tackles he’s breaking.’ He still feels it. He’s still a human being — he still has bruises on his back, on his shoulder and on his neck. He still feels every blow that he takes. And as a receiver, you’re not taking that many blows. You shouldn’t be taking that many blows that consistently.”

What Buck Hopes to See Out of 49ers & Samuel

Buck and Aikman have gotten used to being in the booth during 49er games, as S.F. has become one of the top draws for networks by establishing themselves as a playoff contender.

And with that, Buck got a bird’s eye view of Samuel’s prowess — which left the longtime play-by-play commentator believing that he could’ve earned a prestigious award from the league.

“I thought at the end of the year last year you could make the case that Deebo Samuel was the most valuable player in the NFL,” Buck said. “Certainly the most dynamic for what he was doing in-game.”

Buck concluded that he shares this hope for Samuel and the ‘Niners.

“I just hope Deebo is there,” Buck said. “He’s a special guy. I hope that team that we saw at the end of the year is back together because they’re fun to watch. They’re fun to cover. They’re really well-coached. They can make a legitimate claim in my opinion to be one of the top teams in the NFC and see what happens in the playoffs.”

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