49ers $6 Million Defender Reveals Workout Secret in Getting ‘Muscled Up’

Drake Jackson

Getty Drake Jackson in his preseason NFL debut on August 12, 2022.

To erase the memories of his less than stellar San Francisco 49ers debut, Drake Jackson had to join an exclusive club.

Already feeling the weight of pressure in performing at a high level right away as the 49ers’ first draft option of 2022, the near $6 million defender Jackson added some weight — 13 pounds of it. His “muscled up” tone he revealed on Wednesday, May 31 became a major topic on 49ers Twitter.

But the defender who signed a $5.8 million deal as his rookie contract had to join a new club to get there. Which club was it?

“Now I’m in a three-plate club,” Jackson shared to reporters after 49ers OTAs. “That’s a big thing. Well, for me, because my dad used to always make fun of me because he could do three plates, and I couldn’t; only was two plates. So now I’m in the three-plate club, so I’m happy about that. And the four-plate club for squat.”

Another words — Jackson now can push 315 pounds laying down on the bench press machine now that he added an extra weight plate. That mark is a new personal best for the second-year edge defender.

There’s more. He added extra pounds to hit 415 pounds max on his squats — another new record for him.

Jackson Admits to Feeling Worn Down Late Last Season

With the extra metal to the sides in the weight room, Jackson is making his attempt to improve his strength and stamina from his NFL debut…which he admitted got worn down toward the end of last season.

“I feel like I didn’t have enough,” he shared regarding his late season energy. “So I just come out and keep working and try to have what I need for the rest of the season. I just made sure I hit those areas in the offseason where I was failing or not doing the best job at the end of the season.”

As Jackson witnessed a diminished role with the 49ers, Charles Omenihu and Samson Ebukam settled for being the opposite rushers to Nick Bosa. Jordan Willis and Kerry Hyder also snatched some reps.

Now, three of the four are gone with Hyder all who’s left. That creates a door to redemption for the bulkier Jackson.

Jackson Reacts to Missing Time in 2022

For the first time in his career — which includes his stops at USC and Centennial High in Corona, California — Jackson was no longer considered a focal point on defense. He became inactive for six of the last eight 49ers games and was a scratch for all three playoff contests. Did that experience help or damage his confidence?

“I say it kind of helped me, in a way, because instead of me being mad or sad from being taken out of the game, I figured out things that I needed to do to help myself, to better myself further on,” he said.

The experience of being inactive humbled him. But it’s energized him along with watching Bosa perform.

“It’s an eye-opener, for sure,” Jackson said. “Seeing a guy who can consistently just be Bosa every day, it’s definitely an eye-opener. It makes you want to get your stuff together because you see him together all day, so it’s like you just want to be right there with him, helping.”

Now, joining the three-plate club could be what pushes Jackson to push past his slow 2022 season.

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