49ers’ George Kittle Reveals What He’s Advocating to the NFL

George Kittle

Getty George Kittle dives for the end zone versus the Bengals on December 12, 2021.

Fans of the NFL already know about the physicality and Pro Bowl accolades that has become attached to George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers.

Some fans, though, are also aware of what also comes with the price of physical play for Kittle: Injuries.

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Kittle, according to Pro Football Reference, has only played one full season which was the 16 he started/played in during 2018 — a season before he took part in his first Super Bowl run. He hasn’t completed a season without injuries since, as the most he’s gone is the 14 he’s logged in 2019 and last season.

Kittle brought up this potential solution on the morning of Tuesday, June 14 while sitting in the ice tub opposite of actor/comedian and host of Cold As Balls on the Laugh Out Loud Network Kevin Hart.

What Kittle Advocates

Kittle was asked by the Hollywood star “is there a physical toll that you’re now aware of?” The All-Pro tight end responded by pointing to his current location.

“This helps,” Kittle said pointing his fingers at the ice tub. “But there’s a huge physical toll. Seventeen games is a lot. It’s a lot of games. There’s one bye whether if it’s week four or week 11.”

And that’s when the three-time Pro Bowler sent this message to the league office.

“I’m advocating for two byes,” Kittle said. “If you get to have that (while Kittle briefly looked at the camera), that’d be cool.”

The 28-year-old looked at the camera again and said “pull some strings” while adding how he feels the physical toll “week in and week out.”

Kittle Reveals Price Range of Keeping Himself in Shape

There are athletes who splurge on keeping themselves in tip top shape for the NFL rigors.

Hart mentioned how a previous conversation with former NFL linebacker and Super Bowl 43 champion James Harrison had the Ex-NFL linebacker revealing to him how much he spent on keeping his body intact. Harrison also once revealed in his introductory press conference as a Cincinnati Bengal in 2013 that he spent between $400,000 to $600,000 per year on his body.

Is Kittle in the same financial ball park?

“Couple hundred thousand,” was the dollar figure Kittle blurted to Hart — meaning Kittle spends over the $100,000 mark in keeping himself healthy and active.

The Moment When Kittle Buried his Face

Hart, as he’s done with his past guests, asked some burning questions that are often debated in NFL circles. But one in particular left Kittle sinking in the ice.

He brought up Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, who Kittle is often compared to. But Hart asked who truly is the better tight end?

“Who’s better? I think we’re both really good in our own regard,” Kittle said. Then he pointed at the camera when asked by Hart again, with the comedian trying to persuade him he can be honest on his show.

“I think both are great tight ends,” Kittle said while facing the camera in front of him.

But then came the moment when Hart fired off this next question: “Are you jealous of the fact that he has a great quarterback?” Which referred to Patrick Mahomes.

“I think I have a great quarterback,” Kittle responded, referring to Trey Lance.

But once Hart asked again if Mahomes was better, Kittle slowly began to sink his face into the ice cold tub, drawing a laugh from Hart.

“Sorry I couldn’t hear you. The water got to my face,” Kittle then responded.

However, through the jokes, Hart is on board with Kittle about adding an extra bye week.

“Guys, it’s done. Two games, bye. I’m not going to ask you again,” Hart said.

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