Seahawks Break Silence on Rumored Interest in Cam Newton

Seahawks Rumors

Getty The Seahawks have been in contact with Cam Newton.

The Seattle Seahawks confirmed the team had an interest in adding Cam Newton, but time will tell if a roster move will happen as the team waits for Russell Wilson to return to the field. During The Pete Carroll Show, the Seahawks coach confirmed the team has been in contact with Newton, but did not indicate a deal was close to happening.

“Well, just so that you know, we’ve already talked to him [Newton],” Carroll admitted to ESPN 710 Seattle. “We we’re talking to everybody that could help us, to go right back to the base philosophy that we always, you know, we uphold here is that we’re gonna be competing at every every turn [with] whoever would be available and and so we’re on it.”

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Carroll Talked a ‘Couple Times’ With Newton

Carroll later elaborated on the team’s discussions with Newton during his weekly press conference. The Seahawks coach confirmed he has had a “couple” of discussions with Newton and admitted they are “wide open” to making a potential move. Despite the team’s interest in Newton, Carroll continued to back Geno Smith as the Seahawks quarterback in Wilson’s absence.

“Well, we we’re doing everything we can with everybody that’s available always, and so I talked to him a couple times and just trying to see what was going on his world and all that,” Carroll noted during his October 18 press conference. “And we’re wide open and continuing to compete with that and there was nothing that to be done then, and we’re really counting on Geno [Smith] to do the job and that’s how the conversation went with him, too. We were counting on Geno to do the job and all that, so we’ll see what happens I don’t know what’s gonna happen next.”

Newton: ‘I’ve Been Getting Offers’

Newton was released by the Patriots as they finalized their roster ahead of Week 1 and handed the offense over to rookie quarterback Mac Jones. The veteran quarterback provided an update on his free-agent talks during his October 17 YouTube show and revealed he has been vaccinated, preventing his status from being a reason that a team would not sign him. Newton noted he has had offers from teams but is waiting for the right opportunity.

“Hell yeah, I want to still play football, I still get that urge to go out and perform and do something that I’ve been doing since I was seven years old,” Newton explained. “But also it’s like, bro, I’m so much more than a football player, dog, like respect me as such, you know [what] I’m saying. Like, I really admire every athlete that’s out there that has sacrificed so much, but I’ve sacrificed enough to be able to be in a comfortable position to take care of my family for the time being and to provide and that’s a blessing for itself.

“It almost makes me feel sorry for the guys who don’t do good with their money, but that’s a whole different story. But long story short, man I’m just waiting on the right opportunity. You probably ask yourself, don’t nobody want Cam. That’s a lie, I’ve been getting offers but the realization of it is it has to be right.”

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