Russell Wilson Puts Seahawks on Notice Over ‘Pretty Significant Deal’

Seahawks Trade Rumors

Getty Russell Wilson wants the offensive line at full strength.

The Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson have done their best to emphasize the tension from this offseason is in the rearview mirror. Yet, Wilson just made his strongest statement towards the organization since his February mini-media tour after the Super Bowl.

Wilson made it clear that the Seahawks need to “figure that out” when it comes to left tackle Duane Brown’s future. Brown has been attending training camp but “holding in” by not participating in practices as he seeks a new deal.

“I mean, not having Duane Brown out there is a pretty significant deal because I think he’s one of the best left tackles in the game,” Wilson told reporters when asked about the challenges of Brown not practicing. “There’s no argument, I think he’s as good as it gets. There’s nobody more athletic, more talented than he is. Age is just a number. He easily looks like he’s 28 or 30 out there, you know. He’s really exceptional. So smart, physical, understands the game, and I think people fear him, just to be honest with you, when they’re rushing him, playing against him. So, we definitely want to get him back out there. And, we got to figure that out, because we need Duane Brown.”

Wilson on Brown’s Status: ‘We Need Him Game 1, That’s for Sure’

The Seahawks are dealing with Brown along with Jamal Adams who are both “holding in” at training camp. The two stars are still attending camp but opting not to practice until they ink new contracts. Both players are entering the final year of their current deals. The Seahawks quarterback emphasized that the issue needs to be resolved by the start of the regular season, adding that the 35-year-old tackle still has plenty of football left in the tank.

“We need him game one, that’s for sure,” Wilson added with a smile. “We need to figure that out, you know? ‘Cause he’s really special, obviously. Like I said, I think he’s one of the best left tackles in the game. I think he’s got several more years to play. I think he can definitely do it. I don’t think there’s anybody more athletic than him. You can see what he can do. He’s also our leader. He’s a guy who really leads our offensive line and just really he commands the offensive line and really can set the tone.”

Brown ‘Isn’t Pleased’ About His Lack of a New Deal

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Brown “isn’t pleased” that the Seahawks have yet to extend him heading into the season. After an offseason full of distractions, the Seahawks have two of their best players sitting out with Week 1 on the horizon. Brown is heading into the final season of a three-year, $34.5 million deal.

“Turns out that Jamal Adams isn’t the only Seahawk seeking a long-term deal and not practicing without one. OT Duane Brown, in the last year of a contract scheduled to pay him $10 million this season, also is seeking an extension and isn’t pleased he hasn’t gotten one, per source,” Schefter tweeted.

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