Geno Smith Blunt About Seahawks’ Screwup in Rams Loss

Geno Smith

Getty Geno Smith details what led to the Seahawks' 17-16 loss against the Rams.

The Seattle Seahawks are going to be thinking about this loss over the next several days.

Despite being injured and missing two full possessions with a triceps ailment, Geno Smith put the Seahawks in position to win their game against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 11. The veteran quarterback returned for the final offensive drive and drove the Seahawks 38 yards down the field in just one minute and 28 seconds for a 55-yard field goal attempt by Jason Myers.

However, Myers missed the kick wide right and the Seahawks lost 17-16.

Smith explained the screwup that led to Seattle settling for a long field goal, saying that the headset went out and he made a fast call to a Zach Charbonnet run — it resulted in 2 yards — before eventually spiking the ball with seven seconds remaining.

“I guess there was an outage or something,” Smith told reporters. “No play came to my helmet, so I called the quickest play I could in that situation. … I thought we had a chance, but it didn’t really work out.”

For context, Seattle had converted on a 3rd-and-8 on a 21-yard pass to the Rams’ 39-yard line with 36 seconds remaining.

Pete Carroll Explains Seahawks’ Mindset During Final Sequence

Head coach Pete Carroll commented following the game that the Seahawks didn’t handle the two-minute drill as well as they would have liked.

“Nah, we didn’t quite handle that as well as we’d like to,” Carroll said in his postgame press conference on November 19. “But we got in field goal range. We got there and we had a shot. Jason’s kicked balls from that far before. We’d have loved to be a little bit closer but obviously we weren’t. There’s some choice in there [on clocking the ball and run play]. Yeah, I’d agree with that.”

When asked about the final sequence — specifically the run play — Carroll explained his reasoning behind the Charbonnet run that resulted in just two yards.

“We didn’t do it right,” Carroll said. “I’m just going to tell you. We didn’t do it right. We didn’t do that exactly the way we’d like to do that. It didn’t come out right. We’ll tell you more about that tomorrow [November 20].”

Carroll had also stated that he was hoping for a longer run on the play call.

“Yeah, you’re hoping you pop it, for sure,” Carroll said. “We didn’t do that as clean as we’d like.”

Jason Myers Gives No Excuses for Missed Kick

Just a week after converting on the game-winning 43-yard field goal in a 29-26 win over the Washington Commanders, Myers went from hero to scapegoat following the loss to the Rams.

The veteran kicker — who had hit from 54 and 52 yards earlier in the game — had no excuses for his miss.

“Great snap,” Myers told reporters. “Good hold. Just didn’t go through.”

Despite the miss, Carroll stressed that he still has confidence in Myers moving forward.

“Long field goal, for sure,” Carroll said. “You couldn’t have a better guy to kick that one. Jason’s been doing great and he just didn’t get a good hit on the ball this time. He’s exactly the right guy to win the game for us. Obviously, we know that.”

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