Seahawks Predicted to Sign Star to $100 Million Contract

Pete Carroll

Getty The Seahawks could offer Geno Smith a $100 million contract.

The Seattle Seahawks could soon sign a star to a major deal.

Entering the 2023 offseason, the biggest storyline surrounding the Seahawks is the future of Geno Smith. The veteran quarterback will be a free agent this offseason and Seattle will make it a priority to bring back their starting quarterback.

The question is, what type of contract are the Seahawks going to offer Smith? There’s a number of options, including Seattle extending his contract, placing an exclusive or non-exclusive franchise tag on him or simply allowing Smith to test free agent waters.

According to Corbin K. Smith of Sports Illustrated, he expects the Seahawks to eventually come to an agreement with Smith that will pay him $100 million over the course of three years ($33.3 million).

“At worst, Smith is a talented bridge quarterback who can still lead the Seahawks to the postseason, which is worth the $30-plus million price tag for a year or two until a young signal caller is ready to replace him,” says Smith. “More of a pocket passer than a dual threat like Wilson, he also has the skill set to play at a high level deep into his 30s and potentially into his 40s, so the franchise may view him as far more than a stop gap.”

Smith Ranks as Elite Quarterback in 2022

Smith is 32 years old and is actually in the midst of his 10th season in the league. However, prior to this season, he had not served as a full-time starter since the 2014 season with the New York Jets.

The veteran quarterback has ranked as one of the best quarterbacks in his first season as the starter with Seattle. Smith currently leads the league in completion percentage (72.8 percent) and second in passer rating (108.0). He also ranks within the top seven of the league in passing yards and passing touchdowns.

Based upon this season’s performance alone, Smith is certainly worth over $30 million per season. In fact, OverTheCap estimates Smith’s contract valuation — based upon his performance this season — at nearly $38.5 million.

Why Seahawks May Hesitate on Offering Smith a Big Deal

However, there is hesitancy on offering Smith a long-term deal considering his lack of proven success as a starter. Smith’s 2022 performance is the first time he has shown that he can be a viable starter in the NFL.

Smith argues that the Seahawks quarterback has “earned” a long-term deal. Furthermore, this proposed contract wouldn’t prevent the team from drafting another quarterback and developing him. It’s worth noting as a result of the Russell Wilson trade with the Denver Broncos, Seattle holds two first-round draft picks for the 2023 draft.

“He’s more than earned a long-term deal and the Seahawks would be wise to reward him accordingly with a contract averaging between $30-35 million and substantial guaranteed money to keep themselves in good shape under center for the foreseeable future,” says Smith. “Such a contract wouldn’t prevent them from drafting a quarterback either. It’s a win-win for every party.”

If Smith does indeed lead Seattle to the playoffs, there’s little reason to believe the Seahawks won’t offer him a deal worth at least $30 million a season.

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