Bucs’ Chris Godwin Reveals Status vs. Cowboys

Chris Godwin

Getty Chris Godwin remains questionable for the opener at Dallas.

As Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin nears the end of his journey recovering from an ACL tear, he knows who has the final say when he plays again.

“I would imagine I have the final say,” Godwin said during the “In The Moment” podcast. “It’s going to come down to feel. Because I understand what I’m capable of doing on the field when healthy. But I understand what I’m capable of pushing through.”

Godwin could play for the first time since December 2021 when the Bucs kick-off against the Dallas Cowboys on September 11. He notably practiced without a knee brace at practices this week.

“Like I said, most guys aren’t healthy after a couple weeks into the season,” Godwin added. “Most of my career, I’ve been playing through something so I know I can do it at a high level. It’s just doing it because of what I’ve just experienced  doing it the smartest way I can. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter that much. I would love to be there for the entire season, but I think what’s more important is being there for the second half of the season. Being there for what I missed last year.”

However, Godwin didn’t want to put a number on it, regarding his chances of a return in Week 1.

“I’ve never been through this before so I don’t know what the feeling is going to be like when I’m like, ‘Yo, I’m ready,'” Godwin said.

Todd Bowles: ‘Everybody’s Trending Toward Playing’

Bucs head coach Todd Bowles talked about the health of the team on Monday but didn’t mention Godwin specifically.

“Everybody’s trending toward playing Sunday night,” Bowles told reporters.

Bowles did express confidence in how Godwin looked at practice on Monday.

“Well, we’re in spiders [padding]. It’s a plus to always see him without a brace, running around, which means his confidence has grown,” Bowles said.

Godwin has shown up on the unofficial depth chart, too, via Greg Auman of The Athletic. With that said, Godwin’s status is still listed as questionable for the Dallas game, via ESPN.

“I don’t think any of us know that yet,” Godwin said on the podcast. “There’s stuff that circulates and half the time I’m like, ‘I have no idea where people get this from.’ Because really the people that know the most about my process is me, firstly, my wife and PT [physical therapist].”

Godwin Recounts Clutch Catch for Super Bowl Berth

Godwin’s time on the “In The Moment” podcast also recounted his run with the Bucs to the Super Bowl in the 2020 season. The podcast highlighted his game-sealing first down in the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers.

“I’m watching what’s happening as I’m doing it,” Godwin told Greene. “It’s like an out of body experience.”

Godwin has been a go-to receiver for the Bucs since his rookie year in 2017. He caught 34 passes for 525 yards and a touchdown that season, but his performance took off in the following four seasons with 59 or more receptions, 840 or more yards, and five or more touchdowns.

His career high in receptions, 98, came last year despite the season-ending ACL injury. Career highs for yards, 1,333, and touchdowns, nine, actually happened in 2019 before quarterback Tom Brady‘s arrival.

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