Twitter Bombing The UFC

How many times have you been watching a MMA show and had not the slightest clue who was fighting? Two bald, tattooed anonymous dudes, one in red shorts and one in black. Characters in NES video games were easier to distinguish than most of these meatheads. But you always knew the referee. It was “Big” John McCarthy and you could count on him to do the right thing. Has he made a mistake or two? Did he once break Brian Johnston’s nose trying to pull him off a finished opponent? Sure. Did he try to say Kazushi Sakuraba was down and out when he was clearly just looking for a takedown at UFC Japan? Well, yes. No one is perfect; but “Big” John is damn close.

McCarthy’s ubiquitous “Are you ready? Are you ready? Let’s get it on?” is as synonymous with MMA as Ed Hochuli’s sculpted physique and skin tight shirt is with the NFL. John McCarthy is THE UFC referee. He makes the shows seem bigger by his very presence. And, let’s be honest, most of the new guys are horrible. They either want to stop a fight the first time a blow lands (I’m looking at you Yves Lavigne) or they are hoping and praying someone is beat to death (I’m looking at you Steve Mazzagatti, but not for long. Your mustache is creepy). McCarthy has perfect timing. Just as you think to yourself, ‘Man they probably should stop this, I think that one guy’s eyeball is about to pop out of his head,’ BAM. There he is. “Big” John to save the day and some chump’s eyeball.

So why isn’t Big John in the UFC? Politics. He went into broadcasting with The FIGHT Network and said some stuff Dana White didn’t want to hear. When he wanted back in, the door had already closed behind him. But the UFC and Big John need each other. He wants back in and they desperately need another solid professional to make sure no one gets maimed or killed on live television. Enough is enough. It’s time to bring Big John back. At least according to the guys at Fightlinker. They’ve organized a Twitter campaign to get McCarthy back in the Octagon where he belongs. The task is simple. Get on Twitter (or if you are over 30, sign up for Twitter) and write to Dana White. You don’t even have to think up a damn thing to say. Just copy and paste this simple gem:

@danawhiteufc BRING BACK BIG JOHN! #UFC

I expect McCarthy to be back by the end of next week. Such is the power of Twitter.

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