Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm: Chuck Liddell Never To Dance Again

Chuck Liddell, the two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion with the tattooed head and wicked right hand, is finally done dancing. After four weeks on the hit reality television show Dancing With The Stars, Chuck can leave his tap shoes, his clogs, and whatever other slightly effeminate footwear he owns in the dance studio. Unless, you know, he’s into that kind of thing. He and partner Anna Trebunskaya were voted off the show Tuesday night.

In many ways, Liddell was not the best representative for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. While Dana White and the UFC brass try hard to pass off their fighters as world class athletes, Liddell made that a little more difficult, stumbling around the stage with what looked to be sub-human levels of coordination. At the same time, if you were looking for someone to show America that fighters aren’t all angry and mindless brutes, no one could have been better than the likable Liddell.

The highlight for Chuck during his four week run was his intense tango. But the image that will stand out, stamped into our brains, despite our best efforts otherwise, is the macho man shaking his arms, frilly sleeves and all, with a goofy smile on his slightly confused face. Thanks Chuck, for the memories.

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