Anthony Johnson Rumbles Into Cage To Face Koscheck

When Anthony Johnson hurt his knee in training with Cung Le for a scrapped fight against Matt Brown at The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale he never could’ve expected this type of comeback.

“You know I hurt my knee last year training,” says Johnson. “I think it was the first day I went to Cung Le’s gym and I was just learning how to kick and I end up kicking Thai pads. Whenever you kick you’re supposed to turn your hips. I couldn’t kick to save my life so Cung is holding the Thai pads for me and I kicked the Thai pads then I turned my hips. That caused my meniscus to tear and I just never got it fixed and I was training for Matt Brown and I ended up getting lazy and not turning my hip and kicking again and I messed myself up.”

Since then Johnson went on to face Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFC 104 in Los Angeles crumpling his opponent in 41 seconds of the first round. Agreeing to a catchweight, after Johnson weighed in at 176 lbs for the welterweight matchup, Johnson knew this fight was critical to his growth. Now with a bout against Josh Koscheck at UFC 106, Johnson has the most pivotal fight of his career on his hands.

“To me every fight is a good fight for me, a good tough fight for me you know anything can happen. After that fight with (Yoshida) I planned on the UFC giving me better competition and I look forward to this.”

In addition, Johnson’s career has careened into the silver screen as he appears in an upcoming movie.

“I did that because my boy Mask from Tapout, RIP, he got me the role with this movie called, ‘Warrior,’ and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t even be in the movie and it was a good experience. I don’t plan on being an actor or anything like that but if they come knocking at my door best believe I’m going to say yeah. I don’t see myself as an actor I still see myself as a fighter. I didn’t try to act in the movie I was a fighter in the movie so don’t expect me to be on there and say 5 or 6 lines, trying to act like I know how to act because if I do you’re going to see terrible acting. I can do the fighting part that’s my specialty.”

Fans of the 8-sided surface know Johnson’s true potential as either a welterweight or even a middleweight but those who are unfamiliar will see nothing but fireworks on November 21st 2009.

“I’m explosive I always come out there and do my best. I’m always trying to keep my speed going, trying to keep my strength going and I use both of them at different times you never see me use both at the same time that’s how you wear yourself out. When you see me I let other people decide for themselves what they think about me so for the fans whenever y’all watch me fight you give me your opinion on how you think I am I can’t really say how I am. I just know I go out there and do my thing and try and make it exciting as I can for the fans.”

With Koscheck fresh from a 1st round knockout over Frank Trigg at UFC 103 is at a pivotal point in his career and for both men this could mean a chance to get closer to a title shot or just better competition. Johnson is looking ahead to in his future in the sport.

“I just want to be known as that dude that everybody can say I’ve never seen anybody fight as hard as this guy did every time he fought no matter what the circumstances were. He always fought he always gave it his all so that’s the guy I want to be. I don’t have to be a UFC champ for people to say that.”

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