Tough Talk: Pat Barry And Anthony Njokuani

Tough Talk MMA RadioOliver Copp and Mike Sawyer, hosts of’s newly acquired Tough Talk podcast, are both acquainted with many of the most prominent fighters in the sport of MMA. In that, they are similar. It’s the way they met them that is so different.

Copp, one of the UFC’s German announcers, is a longtime fan of the sport and has attended UFC events all over the globe. When he talks to fighters, it’s often in an official capacity of some sort. “I’ve seen MMA develop since its earliest days and have always appreciated the dedication of its athletes and officials,” Copp said. “I love the fact that for the most part, the fights we want to see, we actually get to see.”

When Sawyer meets UFC athletes, it’s often in a slightly more relaxed setting. Or, on occasion, in a much more combative forum. “I own my own Health Food Store out here in Vegas, Las Vegas Nutrition,” Sawyer said. “And by night I’ve worked the door at some of Vegas’s best gentleman’s clubs (Scores, Penthouse, Ricks Cabaret).”

Whether tossing unruly fighters out of a club, or providing them supplements, Sawyer sees another side of the Las Vegas athletes. It’s the kind of relationship that leads to some memorable moments on the show.

“Favorite Tough talk memories? Forrest Griffin coming on the show on his 30th birthday and convincing us it wasn’t his birthday,” Copp said. “Don Frye telling us he’d hit the jackpot having to a show with a yank and a kraut. Clay Guida coming on the show during a fishing trip WHILE FISHING.”

It’s a show like no other, and we’re proud to bring it to you, free for the first time, on The Heavy debut is quite a show. UFC heavyweight Pat Barry drops in to tell the guys what he really thinks about other fighters in the division and WEC lightweight standout Anthony Njokuani talks training in Las Vegas. It’s quite a debut. Coming soon, Cain Velasquez.

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