Botter’s Twitter Mailbag: July 13, 2010

Welcome to a new feature here at Here’s how it’s going to work: each week, I’ll put out a call for questions from my Twitter followers. You send in a question you want answered, and I’ll pick the best ones and answer them. As you’ll see below, I’m not scared of answering non-MMA questions in addition to your standard fight queries, so feel free to ask anything you want. You’ll need to follow me on Twitter first, though.

Q: Is there any athletic commission in the states that you think would allow a one night tournament? (HellnBackMMA)

A: I’m not sure you’ll ever see a one-night tournament like the ones that took place in the old days, but there absolutely are commissions that will allow four-man (or woman) tournaments to take place in one night. Arizona, for example, is hosting a Strikeforce 135-pound women’s tournament on Aug. 13 in Phoenix. The tournament will feature four women, and all three fights will take place on the same night. It’ll be interesting to see how stuff like injuries are dealt with by the commission, but the outcome could lay a framework for more one-night tournaments by smaller promotions in the future.

Q: If King Mo and Mousasi both come out with a win in their respective title fights, will we see a Strikeforce vs. Dream champ battle? (RayvengeMMA)

A: I asked Mo about this today, and he didn’t seem too enthused by the idea. You can’t blame him — he did just beat the guy in dominant fashion. That’s not to say it won’t happen in the future because Mousasi could certainly force the issue by winning consecutive fights, but there are other bouts out there right now that interest Mo more than fighting Mousasi again. The guy is a student of the game and I get the impression that the most interesting thing to him at this point in his career are new and different challenges. He won’t get that by facing Mousasi any time soon.

Q: Can Tim Sylvia do 2 fights in 2 months? Which of the fights will he be in shape for? And is he relevant any more? (JasonRule)

A: Sure, he can do 2 fights in 2 months. Chris Leben just did 2 fights in 2 weeks, after all. Tim doesn’t have to be training at a high level to fight, because he doesn’t appear to be making any sort of attempt to actually excel and make it back to the national stage. So if you’re just tooling around, fighting on the indies and trying to make a living, there’s no reason you can’t just walk in the door and fight with very little training time put in. It happens all the time. As far as Sylvia being relevant today, the answer is no, and it’s completely his fault. If he had any interest in remaining relevant, he’d stop taking thirds at the dinner table and work himself back into shooting distance of the 265 pound heavyweight limit.

Q:  When you’re alone at night, eating Pops and watching “I Love Lucy,” do the neighbors complain about all the sobbing sounds? (BenFowlkesMMA)

A: No. My background working in recording studios gave me a pretty good understanding of sound-proofing walls. Also, I have no real neighbors within shouting distance — something you know a little about, I assume?

Q: Should I ever give @benfowlkesmma another cookie, considering how he has disrespected my baking skillz? (MaggieHendricks)

A: I think that’s probably a good choice. For those not in the know (and that’s probably just about everybody), Maggie Hendricks of Yahoo’s Cagewriter blog has some serious baking chops and is the sole provider of awesome cookies for media members at fight events. Besides, didn’t Ben challenge you to a bake-off and then back down?

Q:What’s your favorite non-movie soundtrack Kenny Loggins solo song, excluding “This Is It”? (DennyBurkholder)

A: It’s tough to pick, really, because the best work of Loggins’ career was done on movie soundtracks. Not being able to pick any of the tunes from CaddyShack or Top Gun really narrows down what I have to choose from here, but if you’re holding a gun to my head (and I hope you aren’t), then I’d have to go with “Conviction of the Heart.” There’s just something about that full band kicking in after the first verse that gets me every time. It was either that or one of the songs from the Winnie The Pooh movie, and I can’t pick those for fear of reprisal. Of course, I’m talking about a non-Top Gun Kenny Loggins song in a completely serious manner here, so I’m probably not worried about being made fun of.