Matt Brown Only Sees Knockout Of The Night At UFC 116

Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is set to return this weekend against interim heavyweight champion Shane Carwin in one of the most anticipated heavyweight showdowns of all time. Both fighters have been dominant in their UFC careers, scoring knockout victory after knockout victory en route to the current positions they respectively hold.

However, regardless of the colossal heavyweights looking to send one another into the realm of unconsciousness, Matt Brown believes that the Knockout of the Night award will belong to him after disposing of fellow welterweight Chris Lytle on the evening’s main card.

Yes, that may come as somewhat as a surprise, considering that the talk of the town is this match up ending up as Fight of the Night. Consider each fighter’s history, it would not be a long stretch to believe the UFC already had the bonus checks in the mail. But Brown holds no desire for the Fight of the Night honors. It’s the knockout that he wants.

“You really never know,” Brown says. “You never know what’s going to happen once you are in there. I only see Knockout of the Night.”

A knockout over Lytle, who has only been finished once in his professional career and seems to rather take a liking to being sent to the brink of consciousness while doing the same to his opponent, would not only potentially send Brown to the bank with a few extra grand to support the twins he and his girlfriend are expecting, but it would also scratch the itch of a loss Lytle handed him back in 2007.