TUF 12: Episode Two Recap


Bruce Leeroy does some meditating and yoga outside. Meanwhile, Lentz smokes a cigarette. One of these things is not like the other. One of these things prepares you for a fight, while the other gives you lung cancer and limits your cardiovascular system.

I should note that Leeroy is wearing his sweet Chinese formal gi to the gym for his fight and does some light sparring with GSP. Lentz says he can’t wait to kick the stupid look off Leeroy’s face.


ROUND 1: I’ll refer to Bruce Leeroy by his real name of Alex Caceres from this point forward, though it pains me to do so. Alex comes out with a smile on his face and opens with a head kick. Lentz tries to catch a second kick but falls down. Alex tries another head kick followed by a spin kick. Lentz is pushing forward. Lentz nails a running front kick and then clinches against the cage. Lentz uses a nasty foot stomp. GSP implores Alex to get back in the center of the cage, but Lentz is holding him tightly. Lentz uses some knees to the thigh and tries a trip, but Alex stuffs it. Lentz gets the clinch back. Lentz tries another trip and misses, giving Alex the opportunity to clinch Lentz against the cage, but he can’t hold him there, getting overpowered by Lentz and pushed back into the cage. Herb Dean tells both fighters they need to work. Lentz tries a double-leg, but Alex clinches on a guillotine. Lentz walks around for a bit and escapes from the guillotine, but gets caught again. He escapes from that one and ends up on top. Both guys get back to their feet. Alex escapes, but Lentz gets the clinch again. Alex just isn’t strong enough to deal with Lentz in this position. Herb Dean separates the fighters and restarts in the center of the cage. Alex misses a head kick, but then lands a nice kick to the body. Both guys are throwing kicks and punches with wild abandon. There is literally no defense going on here. Lentz gets a trip and takedown as the round ends. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Jeff Lentz.

Between rounds, Phil Nurse works breathing exercises with Alex while Jeff Lentz talks trash.

ROUND 2: Alex misses a front kick. Lentz nails a head kick of his own. Lentz gets another head kick. GSP tells Alex to get to the center of the cage. Both guys trade punches before Lentz clinches Alex into the cage. Alex tries a guillotine but Lentz slips out. Alex gets something that looks like a takedown but somehow ends up on the bottom with Lentz in half-guard. Lentz uses elbows from the top before Alex gets him back into the guard. Alex gets a triangle, and Lentz slams him, but the hold still appears to be tight. Lentz fights it as hard as he can, but eventually is forced to emphatically tap out. Quite the win here for young Bruce Leroy.

WINNER: Alex Caceres by submission

Lentz says he didn’t handle things the right way. He thought he could bust through the triangle, but just couldn’t power his way out. Dana says he doesn’t root for guys on the show, but he’s definitely rooting for Bruce Leeroy. Me too, Dana. Me too.

Bruce Leeroy puts on his Chinese gi and does some kung fu moves. What does he have to say to his future opponents? “I’m Bruce F*cking Leeroy.” Somebody is paying tribute to Kenny Powers, and I am a fan.

NEXT WEEK: Leeroy celebrates by drinking a lot of liquor and making fun of Jeff Lentz, which apparently means he’s gone “overboard.” Koscheck accuses his team of losing focus and screams at them a bunch. Georges St. Pierre does some smiling. Mike Tyson stops by the gym. Yes, Mike Tyson. This will be quite the season.

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