The Top Fifteen Stefan Struve Tweets From Sean McCorkle

UFC heavyweight
Sean McCorkle is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

The UFC heavyweight is friendly and affable in person. But put a keyboard and computer screen in front of him, and McCorkle becomes a different animal altogether.

A long-time member of popular MMA community The Underground, McCorkle rose to fame among hardcore fans due to his no-holds-barred internet trash talking. It’s something he does for fun and to pass the time. It also helped him become “internet famous.”

“I used to tell people I was famous, but it was off the internet, so it’s not like being really famous,” McCorkle told last week. “If the internet were the real world, I’d be a top level celebrity.”

McCorkle’s trash-talking skills also helped push his upcoming bout with Stefan Struve to the co-main event of UFC 124, which takes place next weekend. Before the fight was even announced, McCorkle began taking cracks at Struve on Twitter. Some of the insults are sublime and some border on ridiculous, but there’s one thing for certain: almost all of them are hilariously entertaining.

We’ve compiled a list of the top fifteen Struve-related tweets from McCorkle’s arsenal below.

1. Sometimes I wonder if life as a 2nd tier UFC heavyweight is really all it’s cracked up to be. That’s when I call Stefan Struve and ask him.

2. There’s no way a dirty communist like Struve beats an American patriot like me. Freedom always wins, Struve. And these colors don’t run!

3. Stefan Struve does not support our troops.

4. Stefan Struve recently won a Joey McIntyre look-a-like contest. Finishing in 2nd place was Joey McIntyre.

5. Stefan Struve is a member of the Swedish Symphony Orchestra. His instrument? The skin flute.

6. Helen Keller talks more shit than Stefan Struve.

7. Stefan Struve was recently released from rehab after a 30 day stint where he was seeking treatment for an addiction to Extenze

8. Speaking of rufees, trying to have a trash talking battle with Struve is like trying to have sex with your girlfriend when she’s passed out.

9. Struve is like Samson. Except when he shaves off all his hair, he gets stronger. But only because it’s impossible for him to get any weaker

10. Stefan Struve might have me by 4 inches standing up, but I’ve got him by 6 inches laying down.

11. I wonder if Stefan Struve’s testosterone levels will test unusually high, because he’s obviously still going through puberty.

12. The only way Struve is going to shut my mouth with his hand is if he decides to tap on my lips.

13. Stefan Struve pees sitting down.

14. I’ve always claimed to be the best looking man over 6’6 in the world. And Stefan Struve is just further proof of that.

15. Stefan Struve is a member of the Swedish Symphony Orchestra. His instrument? The skin flute.

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