UFC Fight Night 24 Results and Recap


Round 1: Garcia lands the first good shot, a solid outside leg kick. Both guys just feeling it out, bouncing around the Octagon over the opening minute. Garcia with a big swing, slight land, and Jung responds by coming forward. Another leg kick from Garcia. Swings and misses from both sides, not much through two minutes. Garcia catches a leg kick and connects. Three minutes in and the crowd starts to get restless. Nice trip takedown for Jung after the two exchange strikes. Mounted on Garcia’s head, looking for an armbar. Garcia scrambles to his stomach, gets back up and eats a knee. JUng postures up and throws, dropping to knee on belly, then mount, and now taking Garcia’s back. Finishes the round with Garcia flattened out, dropping shots into the side of his from the back. Heavy scores it 10-9 Jung.

Round 2: Garcia stays standing between rounds as BFF Donald Cerrone shouts instructions at him. Round begins the same as opening frame, neither guy landing much of anything. More swinging and missing than anything else at this point, and we’re halfway home. Garcia keeps winging fastballs but coming up empty, a dubious situation potentially. Clinch up and Garcia lands a knee to the midsection before backing out. Jung tries to go for a knee tap but Garcia stuffs it. Crowd is urging them on. Jung tries a flying knee, misses, then drops Garcia with a right. Follows him down, ending up in his guard. Postures up and drops elbows and punches. Jung once again on Garcia’s back, hand-fighting, and then “The Korean Zombie” locks up a Twister to force the submission with one second left in the round. Wow.

Official Result: Chan Sung Jung by Submission (Twister) 4:59 of Round 2


Round 1: Sadollah out aggressive, but Johnson sticking the jab. Sadollah slips, Johnson lands in side control. Amir gets back up and the two separate. Nut shot! Right back at it though. Johnson counting well, but eats a couple straights from Sadollah. Johnson catches a kick and gets the takedown into Sadollah’s guard. Steps over to half-guard, locked down, and back to full guard. Amir controlling Johnson’s wrist, looking for a triangle but there is nothing there. Midway through, Sadollah doing a good job nullifying Johnson on the ground, and we’re standing once again. Sadollah pressing the action and catches Johnson with a right, drops him momentarily. Johnson up and into the clinch, both pummeling and switching on the fence. Harai goshi from Johnson, but Sadollah gets back up quickly. Sadollah with a takedown at 45 seconds, stays put in Johnson’s guard for the closing seconds. Heavy scores it 10-9 Johnson, but it was a close round.

Round 2: Both throwing early, Sadollah mixing in front kicks. Knee to the guts by Johnson, but Sadollah pouring it on along the fence. Separate and trade, Johnson now pushing ahead, throwinging hard. Sadollah’s turn once again, lands a nice punch, clinches on the fence and drags Johnson to the ground. Johnson fetal and Sadollah landing elbows, now switching to punches as he postures up. Trying to pour it on, Johnson staying active and sliding out of too much danger. Sadollah burying knees into Johnson midsection. Back up, Sadollah drags Johnson to the ground and move to mount on Johnson’s side. Dropping punches and elbows once again. Johnson taps just as Mario Yamaski is moving in to stop the fight. A solid showing for the winner of Season 7 of The Ultimate Fighter.

Official Result: Amir Sadollah by Submission (Strikes), 3:27 of Round 2


Round 1: Both guys are amped up for this one. Leg kick from Johnson the first shot thrown. One from Hardy that Johnson almost catches. Johnson lands a jab, and puts Hardy down with a headkick. Hardy trying to get back up, Johnson with a front headlock. In the clinch, Johnson drives out, landing on Hardy in the center of the cage. In Hardy’s guard, not much happening. Hardy trying to get him legs up, Johnson postures up and throws down.  Same sequence repeats, now Johnson heavy on Hardy’s chest. Hardy is looking for submissions, but every time he gets up too high, Johnson drops a big shot. Hardy hunting a kimura with Johnson in side control. Can’t control it as he straightens out, Johnson back to half-guard. Hardy looking for a sweep, but Johnson shuts it down. Closed guard, wrapped up tight for the last twenty seconds of the opening round. Heavy scores it 10-9 for Johnson.

Round 2: Johnson stalking to start, catching a leg and brings Hardy to the ground against the cage. Hardy controlling Johnson’s posture.  Johnson landing a couple punches, Hardy once again hunting for the kimura. Hardy has his hands locked, and Johnson hasn’t offered anything, but it slips out and Johnson is back into full guard. Hardy right back after the arm, loses it again and Johnson ends up in half-guard. Johnson not doing anything on top, Rosenthal threats to stand them up. Johnson adjusts and lands some pucnhes, Hardy covers up well and controls Johnson’s arms. Body-body-head from Johnson. Hardy can’t get out from under him. Rosenthal stands them up. Johnson drives for a takedown from one side of the cage to the other, but doesn’t get it. Still working, swings Hardy down with ten seconds to go. Heavy scores it 10-9 Johnson, 20-18 heading into the third. Hardy needs a finish.

Round 3: Hardy shoots for the takedown, Johnson stuffs, sprawls and ends up in Hardy’s guard once again. Hardy now looking for a kimura on the right arm, but it’s not available. Trying to kick Johnson off, grabs, the arm again. Johnson defends properly. Hardy trying to get to his feet, but Johnson presses on him, and takes his back. Knees to the thigh for Johnson. Headkick as he’s walking out. Quick shot, takes Hardy down and has his back. Looking for the choke, but Hardy is defending. Johnson dropping punches from back mount. Stalled in this position, Johnson’s not even throwing shots now. Hardy trying to come out the back, but Johnson rolls over onto his back, then slips to mount. Hooks in an arm triangle, but can’t get it. Traps Hardy’s arm between his legs and looks for a neck crank, but lets go to try an armbar. Boos bring out a final flurry from Johnson, who should win an easy decision here. Solid performance against a tough competitor in his first fight in 16 months. Heavy scores it 10-9 Johnson, 30-27 overall.

Official Result: Anthony Johnson by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Round 1: Davis circling away from Nogueira’s left to start, a wise decision. Head kick from Davis glances, both guys still finding range. Big kick from Phil lands, but Nogueira dones’t flinch. Exchange shots, Davis pushing in for a takedown, but Nogueira stays up. Davis driving knees into Nogueira’s thigh. Back into space, Nogueira measuring and swings wild with the left.  Anything head kick offering from Davis. Shoots again, and again Nogueira stays up as the two clinch. Separated again, Davis tries with the head kick again, then gets another takedown denied. Big swing and a miss from Nogueira. Front kick from Davis misses. Head kick again from Davis and Nogueira lands his first solid left. Davis shoots and ends up throwing Nogueira to the ground, but the veteran is right back up.  30 seconds left. Swing and a miss again from Nogueira. Lands one at the 20 second mark, Davis shoots and again can’t get the takedown. Heavy scores it 10-9 Davis.

Round 2: Both look fresh as they paw. Davis lands a kick to the body. Follows with a high kick-right hand combo that he’s used numerous times now. Nogueira stalking but Davis is the only one throwing. Davis lands another kick, high on the chest, clipping the head. Nogueira is looking for one left hand, but it’s not there. Davis paws and Nogueira counters with a solid left. Davis throws the kick-punch combo and drops for a takedown, but Nogueira stuffs it again. Nogueira with a kick. Nogueira still looking for that left. Davis drops as Nogueira throws and finally gets him to the ground. Nogueira kicks him out, but Davis is right back into him. Nogueira stacked up ion the ground, controlling Davis’s wrists. Kicks him out and tries to get up, Davis pounces and has Nogueira’s waist. Drags the vet to the gournd and starts pounding away with hammerfists. Rear position throwing rights to the head and knees into Nogueira’s body as the round ends. Heavy scores it 10-9 Davis, 20-18 through 2.

Round 3: Touch gloves and we’re off in the final round. Front kick from Davis doesn’t connect. Nogueira still looking for the lefty fastball. Jumping knee attempt from Davis, followed by another kick into Nogueira’s arm/side. Davis drops and drags Nogueira to the ground, but the Brazilian immediate grabs wrist control. Davis locked down in half-guard. Nogueira tries to get up and Davis takes his back . Nogueira rolls through, Davis back at his feet on the ground. Lands a shot to Nogueira’s face, trying to get Nogueira’s legs out of the way. Nogueira sweeps Davis off him and we’re standing. Nogueira stalking looking for the finisher. Davis grabs at a single, but Nogueira spins away. Head kick-punch combo again with Davis finishing with a takedown. Climbs to side control, but Nogueira gets it back to locked half-guard. Davis landing the odd shot as the fans boo. One minute left. Nogueira trying to throw from bottom, Davis still at his feet and into full guard. Davis stacks Nogueira up but can’t throw as the round ends. Heavy scores it 10-9 for Davis, 30-27 overall for the former National champion from Penn State.

Official Result: Phil Davis by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

A very good night of fights here in Seattle; great crowd and you can be sure the UFC will be back in the Pacific Northwest after a strong showing tonight.

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