Brian Foster: Living In The Fire

As the interview wrapped up, I accompany Foster and Coach Fiore to pick up Foster’s medical packet before makes the trip to Toronto. At the doctor’s office, Foster is given some unfortunate news: his pre-fight MRI reveals a brain hemorrhage. While the initial diagnosis sounded severe, the doctor’s initial sense was that a nerve ending had ruptured during a sparring session days before the MRI was taken. The doctor told Foster he would not be able to clear him or have a final word until the UFC was alerted and collaborated on the information.

After parting ways with Foster in Granite City the UFC called to inform Foster that the injury was simply too severe to risk it, and he was removed from UFC 129. Foster contacted me with the bad news, but I could tell that the situation hadn’t diminished the fire in his chest one bit.

“Everything was going great man. Everything was right on schedule and it breaks my heart to put in the work, to be in the best shape of my life and have something like this happen. I give my all each and every time and to have this happen really has me upset but it’s a setback that I’ll get past and come back better than ever.”

“The UFC wants me to take six to eight weeks of rest, heal up and then we’ll get it looked at again. I’m okay and feel good but they feel it’s just too dangerous without knowing for sure how severe this injury is and I can respect that to the fullest. I just want my fans and fight fans in general to know that I do what I do for each and every one of you. I’ll be back man and this just makes me that much hungrier.”