Rampage Jackson Defeats Hamill Via Decision

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

“Rampage” defeats Hamill via unanimous decision

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson proved at UFC 130 tonight that Matt Hamill was several fights away from his level.

In the first round, Jackson easily avoided takedowns from Hamill, while landing vicious combinations when the two exchanged. “Rampage” exited the opening frame having won the round, dictating the first five minutes of action.

The second round began with Hamill displaying his fatigue, failing once again to score takedowns. Meanwhile, ¬†Jackson continued blasting off well-timed combinations. Late in the round, “Rampage” scored several shots that had Hamill dazed and, while he could not finish the fight, he exited the second clearly ahead on the judges’ scorecards.

The final frame was equally unsuccessful for Hamill as the first two, as he failed to utilize his wrestling. Jackson continued pounding away, landing punches and knees here and there. With under two minutes to go, Hamill was desperate for a finish, but his exhaustion did not allow him to show it.

“Rampage” appeared to smell blood with under one minute remaining. Jackson landed several knees and punches, looking for the finish. However, the bell saved Hamill from further damage, while Jackson walked away with the unanimous decision.

Jackson could not have been happy with Hamill requesting to fight him. He showed it with a dominant victory that could’ve been even more one-sided had he not injured his hand during the fight.

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