Duane Ludwig Outclasses Amir Sadollah in Striking Match

Veteran earns second consecutive win since returning to welterweight

The fight between Amir Sadollah and Duane Ludwig was billed as a battle of Muay Thai practitioners. That’s exactly how it played out.

As the first fight on the televised portion of the UFC on Versus 5 card, Sadollah and Ludwig wasted no time getting down to business. A striker vs. striker match-up, there wasn’t a lot of expectation the action would hit the mat, and when they met in the center of the Octagon it was fireworks.

Ludwig, who is heralded for his one shot knockout power, came out swinging as Sadollah did his best to keep the distance early. After a quick flurry followed by a knee, the two fighters locked into the clinch but Ludwig was able to reverse and break free. They continued to fire on one another at every turn and midway through the round, a Ludwig left hook buckled Sadollah. While he continued to apply the pressure, Sadollah was able recover and make it out of the round.

In the second frame it was more of the same as they continued what was started in the first. Standing toe to toe both fighters traded leg kicks and combinations while refusing to give ground. Sadollah opened up with his trademark push kicks and after landing two hard shots to the body, Ludwig countered with a right hand. Both fighters continued to exchange at a rapid pace with Ludwig constantly getting the better of his opponent.

Going into the final frame and being down two rounds, Sadollah attempted to turn up the heat. After landing two hard body kicks he shot in for the takedown which was quickly stuffed by Ludwig. The action hit the fence where Ludwig was able to land knees before working free. Running out of time, Sadollah continued to throw everything he had in his arsenal but every combination thrown was answered with more accuracy and power from Ludwig. With half a minute remaining on the clock, Ludwig scored a takedown and the fight remained on the mat until the final bell sounded.

When the judge’s decision was announced Duane “Bang” Ludwig was awarded the unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28). The win tonight in Milwaukee makes it two in a row for the UFC veteran.