Silva Destroys Okami, Shogun Batters Griffin at UFC Rio

Anderson Silva

Live results from UFC 134 in Rio De Janeiro

RIO DE JANEIRO — UFC 134 is set for this evening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is on the scene, reporting live from the HSBC Arena.

Tonight’s card is headlined by a middleweight title fight between champion Anderson Silva and top contender Yushin Okami, while Forrest Griffin and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua meet in the co-main event.

Join along with for live results and play-by-play for the preliminary and main card bouts.

Preliminary Card

Ian Loveland vs. Yves Jabouin

The first fight of the evening was not a “Fight of the Night” type of fight, but Jabouin and Loveland entertained nevertheless. Loveland appeared content to box, but the speed was on Jabouin’s side early, staging a late comeback after a rough start to the first round. In the second, he continued to utilize his striking, proving his speed to once again be the main factor. A late round takedown simply secured the round for Jabouin after a very close first.

In the third round, each fighter seemed hesitant to engage, but Jabouin was the first to land. Loveland attempted to counter with takedowns when his striking was not working, but struggled to find success in that aspect as well. Meanwhile, Jabouin continued to land strikes and punched his way to the split-decision victory, proving to be just a little better in almost every aspect of the fight.

Official Decision: Jabouin def. Loveland via split-decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28)

Felipe Arantes vs. Yuri Alcantara

In this battle of Brazilians, Arantes came out looking to land kicks, but missed with nearly everything he threw. Alcantara, meanwhile, looked to utilize hands and knees, and did so very effectively. It was enough to win him the first, while he won the second in a different way.

Alcantara began with strikes in the second frame, as did his opponent, but a takedown earned him a dominant position. Alcantara moved to mount, but Arantes avoided any significant damage, except for the fact that he lost the round. Arantes did manage to find success in the third round, getting Alcantara on his back and landing some good strikes. However, it was too little, too late, and Alcantara walked away with a fairly dominant unanimous decision victory.

Official Decision: Alcantara def. Arantes via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Erick Silva vs. Luis Ramos

After two fights that went the distance, Erick Silva decided against letting the judges decide his bout. After brief exchanges early, Silva blasted his opponent with an overhand right. Ramos dropped to the mat, and Silva swarmed him with vicious ground and pound to force the stoppage and insert his name into the “Knockout of the Night” running.

Official Decision: Silva def. Ramos via technical knockout at 0:40 of Round 1

Raphael Assuncao vs. Johnny Eduardo

Eduardo found success on the feet early in the first round of this bout, but Assuncao quickly dashed his dreams of a striking clinic with a takedown at the midpoint of the frame. They were quickly stood back up, but it should have been enough for Assuncao to take the round.

The story began the same in the second, with Eduardo looking to strike. He managed to avoid the ground for the majority of the round, but Assuncao took his back late, possibly taking the roundand jumping well ahead on the scorecards.

In the third and final round, Eduardo once again looked to change the momentum, but Assuncao did well to avoid engaging in any exchanges. Meanwhile, Assuncao also earned a takedown three minutes into the round. After being stood back up, Eduardo landed a few shots, but it was hardly enough to earn him the victory.

Official Decision: Assuncao def. Eduardo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

David Mitchell vs. Paulo Thiago

Brazilian Paulo Thiago meant business when he entered the Octagon and managed to have his way with Mitchell throughout the fight.

Both fighters came out willing to strike, but Thiago changed the momentum early and often with takedowns. He gained dominant positions in both the first and second round and, while he could not earn the submission, he entered the third well ahead on the scorecards.

It was more of the same in the third, as Thiago executed a beautiful hip toss a minute into the frame to work the fight to the floor. Mitchell was able to get the fight back up fairly quickly, but Thiago did not mind. The two exchanged on the feet for the majority of the remainder of the round before the Brazilian worked to back mount with 10 seconds to go. He could not get the choke, but he certainly made a statement.

Official Decision: Thiago def. Mitchell via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Dan Miller vs. Rousimar Palhares

The first round of this contest was interesting to say the least. The two fighters traded early, and Palhares landed a vicious head kick that floored Miller. He pounded away for the stoppage and walked away from his opponent. However, the fight was not stopped and the two had to restart. Miller then proceeded to drop Palhares briefly, putting an insane end to an incredible first round.

Palhares found success in the second round as well, landing big shots and working the fight to the ground. From there, he continuously landed shots on Miller, while his opponent looked for submissions. The American attempted to scramble countless times, but Palhares continued to smother him, easily taking the round.

In the third and final round, the pace of the fight slowed tremendously, but it was hard to blame the two. They stood toe-to-toe and threw punches at a fairly fast rate.  Neither was able to do anything major in the round, which was easily the most lackluster of what could be the “Fight of the Night.”

Official Decision: Palhares def. Miller via unanimous decision (29-27, 30-27, 30-25)

Spencer Fisher vs. Thiago Tavares

Fisher just could not get going in this contest.

He and Tavares started off simply trading shots, but it didn’t take too long for Tavares to opt out of the striking game and look for a takedown. He worked to back mount in the opening frame and even though he could not get the choke, he certainly won the round.

In the second round, Tavares once again moved the fight to the floor and began pounding away. It seemed that Fisher would be able to survive, but the plethora of strikes was too much. The Brazilian continued striking until he was pulled away by the referee, earning one of the biggest wins of his career in front of his home crowd.

Official Decision: Tavares def. Fisher via technical knockout at 2:51 of Round 2

Luiz Cane vs. Stanislav Nedkov

Round 1 – Cane pressing forward early, but neither fighter seems willing to commit. Nedkov pressing forward now, but he eats a few strikes in the process. Almost two minutes in and neither fighter has landed anything noteworthy. Nedkov misses with an overhand right. He lands the next, though. Cane lands several nice shots after a head kick missed. Nedkov throwing against the cage, but Cane with the precision shots. Leg kick lands and Nedkov drops momentarily. He’s back up. Another leg kick lands for Cane. Nedkov bleeding from under the eye. He lands a nice one-two combo. Cane is in trouble, as he drops to the canvas after a few more shots. Nedkov closes in and pounds away on Cane. The referee stops the contest after a barrage of shots to the downed Cane. Fans boo loudly after seeing their Brazilian fighter fall.

Official Decision: Nedkov def. Cane via technical knockout at 4:13 of Round 1

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Brendan Schaub

Round 1 – Nogueira clinches early, but Schaub turns him around and presses the Brazilian against the cage. They exchange, and Nogueira shoots for the takedown. Schaub eats a big shot, but delivers one of his own. Brief clinch and they are separated. Nogueira pressing forward, while Schaub moves backwards, circling. Nice shot lands for Nogueira. Crazy exchange here, with Schaub landing the better shots. Nogueira seems fine. Nogueira lands a big shot, followed by two more. Schaub drops to the floor. Fight is over, and the stadium is going crazy. Huge win for Nogueira.

Official Decision: Nogueira def. Schaub via technical knockout at 3:09 of Round 1

Edson Barboza vs. Ross Pearson

Round 1 – Barboza lands a leg kick early, followed by another. Pearson coming forward throwing, but he eats a counter. Front kick comes up short for Barboza. Head kick from Pearson is blocked. One-two combination lands for Pearson, and Barboza moves away from the cage. Left hook lands for Pearson, but the Brazilian counters with a body shot. Another left lands for the British striker. Spinning back kick to the body lands for Barboza, but Pearson shakes it off. Leg kick lands for Pearson. Left hand lands for him. Fighters exchange shots at the 1:30 mark. Pearson presses forward, landing a knee against the cage. He shoots in for a takedown, but Barboza seems to be defending well. Close round, but Pearson likely did enough to take it. HeavyMMA scores the round 10-9 for Pierson.

Round 2 – Fighters exchange early, and Barboza lands a vicious right hand that floors Pearson. Kick to the body lands for the Brazilian. Pearson shoots, but the Brazilian stuffs it. Barboza lands another right hand. Leg kick lands for Pearson. He presses forward, but can’t get any power behind the shots. Pearson shoots from a distance, giving Barboza plenty of time to stuff the takedown. Midway point of the round. Pearson misses with a right hook. Right hand lands flush for Barboza. He lands a nice combo to the body. Barboza comes up short with a shot, but lands a spinning back kick. The next spinning back kick misses, and Pearson lands a punch as the round comes to a close.  HeavyMMA scores this round 10-9 for Barboza.

Round 3 – Pearson lands a jab to start the round. Leg kick for Barboza. Pearson presses forward with a combo and clinches his opponent against the cage. They separate. Spinning back kick lands for Barboza. Fighters exchanging, but nothing landing. Body kick lands for the Brazilian. Pearson presses Barboza against the cage. They separate, and Barboza misses with a head kick. Knee from Pearson glances off Barboza. Two minutes remaining in the fight. Pearson shoots, and it is stuffed once again. Jab comes up short for Pearson and he is attempting to press forward again without much luck. Another kick lands for Barboza. Pearson moves in for a combination, but eats a nice combination, followed by another shot. Pearson lands a left after putting on even more pressure. He is bleeding. Spinning back kick lands for Barboza. Flying knee from Pearson as the round comes to a close. HeavyMMA scores the round 10-9 for Barboza.

Official Decision: Barboza def. Pearson via split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Forrest Griffin vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

Round 1 – Griffin misses with a leg kick. Both guys fairly tentative. Griffin throws a head kick and evades the strikes from Rua. Griffin with another kick. Exchange between the fighters, but both guys fine. Rua with a one-two combination. He lands a right. Griffin with a lackluster leg kick. Head kick blocked by “Shogun.” Rua lands a nice shot that floors Griffin. Forrest is in trouble, as “Shogun” pounds away. Hammerfists landing, and this fight is over. Big win for Rua. Griffin finds himself at a career crossroads.

Official Decision: Rua def. Griffin via technical knockout at 1:53 of Round 1

Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami

Round 1 – No touch of gloves to start this fight. Okami pressing forward, while Silva dancing around. Silva doing his routine “feel-out” before throwing. Okami looks for a combo, but misses. Silva dipping and dodging, but has yet to throw a combination. Brief clinch, but they separate. Silva short on a punch. Finally commits to a one-two combination, but can’t land. Jab lands for Silva. Okami presses forward, looking for a clinch. Okami is pressing the champion against the cage. Nothing much happening here. Okami is looking for the takedown here, but can’t get it. They separate, and, once again, not much happening here. Silva dancing more. He misses with an uppercut, but lands the left. Head kick lands for Silva as the round comes to a close. Not much action, but HeavyMMA scores the round 10-9 for Silva.

Round 2 – Okami misses with a jab to start the second. Silva with a right hook after Okami misses with a combination. Silva looks like he is ready to explode. He eats a jab, but doesn’t seem to mind. He is dancing now and lands a punch to put Okami down. The challenger is back up. Silva is not even defending his face. This is the definition of confidence. Okami lands a left hand, but Silva throws a body kick. He drops Okami with the next shot and follows him to the ground. It was a jab. Okami covers up, but Silva is picking his shots with ease. It’s over. Silva with the technical knockout victory. Incredibly dominant performance, but hardly anything unexpected.

Official Decision: Silva def. Okami via technical knockout at 2:40 of Round 2 

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