The Ultimate Fighter 14: Episode 4 Recap & Review

Previously on The Ultimate Fighter:

Michael Bisping dished out discipline to his team. Dodson secretly revealed Mayhem’s fight pick to Team Bisping, but in the end, Johnny Bedford racked up a second win for Mayhem.

Now, Bisping must rally his team and put them on the right track to become… The Ultimate Fighter.

Hit the music!

Tonight’s episode starts with Louis Gaudinot revealing to Bisping that the pick for the next fight with be Stephen Bass against Dennis Bermudez. Team Bisping puts Stephen through heavy paces, and he’s not too happy about it. During training, Bisping gives him a black eye.

There’s clearly trouble a-brewing.


No Bisping, so Mayhem brings over the striking dummy. Mayhem rips his fellow coach for being a no show and announces the bout.

For Team Mayhem, “Strong Island” also known as Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez. For Team Bisping, Stephen Bass, as expected.

Mayhem likes the match-up of Dennis’ wrestling and heavy hands, and looks forward to dropping the morale on Team Bisping even more.

Stephen says Bisping being a no-show doesn’t impact him at all.

Lots of wrestling practice for Dennis, as they look to use his strength to counter Stephen’s kickboxing. Bermudez talks about being hungry, and wanting to rebound from losing his last two fights before entering the house.

Stephen says Bermudez won’t be able to lay on him for the entire fight. He claims he’s well-rounded and will find Bermudez’s holes, then says the worst thing that could happen in his eyes is being wrestled for 10 boring minutes.

Bermudez promises constant pressure, big throws, no room to breathe at all.


Round 1: Bass catches a kick and lands a decent right, but he looks rigid on his feet, a bad sign for a stand-up fighter. Bermudez shoots, Bass stuffs it, and it becomes a clinch on the fence. Bermudez gets a trip and lands in Bass’ guard. Bermudez lands a couple elbows, and Bass looks content to try to tie him up. Bermudez postures up and gives him space, but Bass stays on the ground. He’s up against the fence and fighting from a closed guard, drawing all kinds of angry instruction from Bisping. Bermudez backs out, but Bass stays on the ground. Bermudez moves back in, dropping strikes, and Bass chooses to stay on the ground. Bisping is clearly irritated with his charge. Bermudez lands a couple more solid shots, Bass rolls and gives him his back. Bermudez gets hooks in, flattens him out, and starts raining down shots. Bass keeps rolling, getting back to his back on the canvas, but Bermudez keeps applying pressure. The round ends with Bermudez on his back again, dropping more punches into his face.

Between rounds, Mayhem is pumped; Bisping, not so much. He tells Bass he needs to get back to his feet when he’s on the ground.

Round 2: Bermudez is stalking, landing the first good punch. He buries a knee into Bass’ midsection that drops him to the ground. As Bermudez is spinning out, Bass grabs a leg instead of getting up. Bass gets up momentarily, but Bermudez puts him on the ground again, taking his back, dropping punches. Mayhem tells referee Josh Rosenthal, “That’s not intelligently defending yourself.”

Bermudez has Bass’ back and keeps dropping punches into his head. Bass is exhausted, as Bermudez just starts picking his spots. Mayhem tells Bermudez to choke Bass out instead of trying to pound him out, but Bermudez ends up flattening him out again, lands a bunch of unanswered punches, and gets the stoppage.

Official Result: Dennis Bermudez by TKO

Team Mayhem is all smiles after the fight, but Team Bisping is the exact opposite.

Bass is bruised and beaten in the training room, and Bisping comes in explaining that he lost because he didn’t listen to instruction, pointing to Josh Ferguson’s unnecessary flying knee attempt from the week before as well. He tells them not to act “all Jean Claude Van Damme in there;” listen to what the coaches are saying.

Bass says he’s a terrible listener and he’s disappointed for letting everyone down. Bisping tells him it wasn’t a good enough performance, but learn from it.