Bonnar Apologetic to Fans, Koscheck After UFC 139 Win

ufc 139 Stephan Bonnar vs.  Kyle Kingsbury=100Bonnar talks to HeavyMMA after win over Kyle Kingsbury

Everyone knows the fight that made Stephan Bonnar famous.

Year after year has passed since his epic bout with Forrest Griffin in the finale of the first ever season of “The Ultimate Fighter. Since that point in time, Bonnar and Griffin’s careers, as well as the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a whole, have blossomed immensely.

Because of that fight – and others that have followed through the years – Bonnar developed a reputation as a brawler who entertains each and every time he steps in the ring. His contest against Kyle Kingsbury, however, left many fans booing in disappointment.

“We started out slugging it out and thought it was going to be a good fight, but I felt like I had good control on the ground. I found a weakness, wanted to stick to it, and just get the ‘W,” Bonnar told the media after his win. “I’ve had a reputation for having some good fights. I heard some boos and it hurt my feelings. But it’s a tough sport. You find a guy’s weakness, you have to take advantage of it and get the win, because when you lose, your paycheck gets cut in half.”

While Bonnar apologized to fans after failing to finish the fight, his second post-fight apology was the surprising one.

Bonnar shocked everyone watching UFC 139 when he apologized to former welterweight top contender Josh Koscheck. The two found themselves in a verbal and legal battle outside the cage regarding shirts Bonnar had created, even though Koscheck specifically requested that Bonnar not include him. Prior to the fight, Bonnar privately told friends that he planned on calling Koscheck out and challenging him to a catchweight bout. But after the fight, Bonnar said he feels that he was in the wrong and is looking to leave the drama in the past.

“We’re trying to settle this and I’m trying to be a man about it,” Bonnar said. “I meant what I said. At first I was like, ‘Screw Koscheck. I’m going to call him out and then I’m going to call the fans here out, (asking) how can you be fans of Koscheck?’ But then I’m like, wait a second. I did get permission, but he asked me not to make those shirts, and I did it anyway.

“You know, you gotta be honest with yourself. I was the jerk. My ego got in the way.”