Martin Kampmann Promises To Put Rick Story Away


Martin Kampmann

Kampmann believes he’s simply better than Story

Martin Kampmann has a chip on his shoulder.

The Xtreme Couture fighter has come out on the short end of the judge’s decision in his past two fights. The outcomes have carried some controversy, his focus is locked on getting back into the win column at UFC 139.

Standing in his way on Saturday will be Rick Story.

“I think I’m more well rounded and technical but Rick Story is tough. He brings a lot of power and good wrestling abilities into the fight. He’s definitely a tough opponent but I feel I’m the superior athlete. My striking is more technical than what he brings and my submissions are better. I think I’m the better fighter.

“He is a dangerous guy. I have to keep my hands up because he swings hard and commits to his punches. He’s got power. I have to watch out for that and he also has good takedowns. He is good at mixing his takedowns up and setting them up with his punches. I’ve been preparing and working on my takedown defense because I feel that is his main asset.”

Since his drop to welterweight, Kampmann has been in the upper tier of the division, a place Story is just now occupying. While Story may be new to the mix, Kampmann won’t discount the work Story has put in to get there.

“Story has fought some tough guys too and I think he is one of the toughest guys in the welterweight division. He had a little setback in his last fight but before that he looked great and beat up Thiago Alves. It was a close fight but he won because of his takedowns. He’s definitely not a guy to be underestimated. If you sleep on him, you’re going to have a short night. I won’t underestimate him. I’m expecting the best Rick Story and I’m prepared to beat him.”

While the foundation of Story’s skill set is wrestling, the Brave Legion fighter has shown a willingness to exchange on the feet. Kampmann is considered one of MMA’s best strikers and is prepared if his opponent wants to trade.

“I’d like to pick him apart. Anything can happen in a fight but I feel I’m the superior striker. Boxing him from distance would definitely work best. Coming in and slugging it out presents the danger for either of us to get clipped and I feel I have a bigger advantage boxing him from the outside.”

Kampmann’s immediate focus may be on Rick Story but the sting of his decision loss to Diego Sanchez has him motivated to keep this fight out of the judge’s hands.

“I think I definitely won the Sanchez fight but it’s still a loss on my record. The judges got it wrong. A win over Story will put me back into contention and have me fighting the best guys in the division. I’m going in for the kill. The past couple of fights the judges don’t seem to be seeing things my way and I’m going in for the finish.”