UFC on Fox: Evans vs. Davis Preliminary Card Live Blog

Evan Dunham vs. Nik Lentz (James Law/HeavyMMA)

Prelims from Chicago’s United Center air on Fuel TV

CHICAGO – HeavyMMA is at the United Center in Chicago for Saturday’s UFC on Fox: Evans vs. Davis card. We’ll have live round-by-round and fight-by-fight coverage of each bout on the preliminary card right here starting around 4:30 p.m. Eastern.

Action on the preliminary card includes a lightweight bout between Evan Dunham and Nik Lentz, plus a heavyweight tilt between Chicago police officer Mike Russow and John-Olav Einemo. So be sure to return here for coverage of all the preliminary card fights, six of which can be viewed on Fuel TV starting at 5 p.m. Eastern. The night’s first fight, between Chris Camozzi and Dustin Jacoby, streams live on the UFC’s Facebook page.

Chris Camozzi vs. Dustin Jacoby
Camozzi Twitter: @ChrisCamozzi | Jacoby Twitter: @DustinJacobyDJ

Round 1: Touch of the gloves and we’re  rolling. Jacoby thrwos a couple kicks early, then thorws Camozzi right off of him on a clinch attempt. Camozzi comes back with a couple nice left hands. But then an inside leg kick is too high into the babymaker and Jacoby gets a few seconds to hate life. They restart and trade big shots inside. Big uppercut and a rollow-up right from Camozzi. Again they trade. We get another short stoppage when Jacoby lands one too high on Camozzi. On the restart, Jacoby looks for an uppercut, then follows with another one and a jab. He dodges away from a low kick from Camozzi and then steps into a big combo that lands. Pair of low leg kicks from Camozzi land nicely. Camozzi seems to be a little more sloppy in his striking, and Jacoby’s shots are a little more precise. He lands a kick to the body, then fakes a right. The pace slows for a few moments, but then Camozzi shoots for a takedown and is stuffed. Jacoby lands a nice inside uppercut along the fence. With a few seconds left, Camozzi lands a nice shot that drops Jacoby. It’ll be interesting how that is scored. It’s a fairly close first round, thanks to the late big one from Camozzi. But HeavyMMA will give the first to Jacoby, 10-9.

Round 2: Slower pace to open Round 2. Flying knee from Jacoby just glances off Camozzi’s body. Jacoby misses a left, and then eats a left from Camozzi. Camozzi lands a couple nice jabs, then a right leg kick. Jacoby lands another low blow, inadvertent, and is warned by the ref – another and he’ll lose a point. Jacoby dances away from a head kick, then eats one to the outside leg. Nice shot inside from Jacoby, and another. Good counter right from Camozzi. It’s a better round for Camozzi, and he may have taken it. The HeavyMMA card is going to give it to him 10-9 in another close round.

Round 3: Good left from Camozzi, then he blocks a kick and lands one of his own. Jacoby’s nose is bloodied up. Good combo head-body from Camozzi. Then a nice kick from Camozzi that takes Jacoby’s feet out from him. Camozzi dives in and gets a guillotine, standing. It’s tight and he pushes him to the cage. It’s a beautiful finish, and Jacoby has to tap – and he taps furiously against Camozzi’s leg.

Result: Chris Camozzi def. Dustin Jacoby, submission (guillotine choke), 1:08 Round 3

Joey Beltran vs. Lavar Johnson
Beltran Twitter: @Mexicutioner760 | Johnson Twitter: @LavarJohnson

Round 1: Johnson wants to touch gloves, and Beltran says nope. Johnson then almost instantly drops him with a shot to the body. Johnson begins working shots to the body and keeps Beltran pushed against the cage. Johnson has a massive size advantage over Beltran. Good low kick from Johnson, then big jabs. Beltran looks for a takedown, probably to get out of the way of those big hands from Johnson. Body shot from Johnson, and then big combos. Halfway through, it’s all Johnson. Beltran again looks for a weak takedown attempt, and it’s not there. Johnson continues to land big jabs with his reach advantage, and then Beltran answers with two to the body – his best two shots of the fight so far. They trade jabs, but Johnson continues to get the better of the standup game, and Johnson is just teeing off. The ref gets in and shuts it down, but it’s way too late – Beltran is out cold.

Result: Lavar Johnson def. Joey Beltran, knockout, 4:24 Round 1

Michael Johnson vs. Shane Roller
Johnson Twitter: @FollowTheMenace | Roller Twitter: @ShaneRoller

Round 1: We’re back for the second fight on Fuel TV. Johnson’s weight cut was apparently no problem. Will he have the edge in energy? They trade jabs. Roller shoots early, which is no surprise. But Johnson stuffs it nicely and then pushes off after a clinch along the cage. Good left hand from Johnson backs Roller up momentarily. Johnson moves to the outside and then lands a nice punch, then stays inside and lands one. Roller drops down and is again easily stuffed. Roller looks for a neck along the fence, but it’s not there. They break, and Johnson lands a good shot on the exit. Good knee from Roller, and he drops to try for a takedown again – again stuffed by Johnson. They tie up again along the fence. They split up, and Johnson throws some nice combos and lands a kick at the end. Again Roller shoots, and again Johnson stuffs it. Johnson looks to tee off, and he lands some nice combos. Late knee from Johnson lands. It’s a pretty easy 10-9 first round for Johnson on the HeavyMMA card.

Round 2: It’ll be interesting to see what adjustments Roller makes. Johnson lands some good shots early, and again they clinch up. Johnson throws a nice inside elbow. Then they split. Good right hand from Roller lands nicely and backs Johnson up. But there isn’t much more than that and Johnson ties things up and they go to the fence briefly. Another nice right from Roller. Roller again looks to drop down for a takedown, but it goes nowhere. They tie up and the crowd boos its disapproval. They scramble, but Johnson is the one who winds up on top as Roller pulls guard and elects to work from his back. Roller gets back to the feet. Johnson lands a nice uppercut, but Roller lands a nice return. Again they tie up with a minute left. Roller stays inside as they break, and then Johnson lands some nice shots with 30 seconds left. Roller ties him up and again looks to drop for a takedown. But once again Johnson stuffs it. He can’t get the takedown as the horn sounds. It’s a better round for Roller, but still very close. HeavyMMA will give it to Roller 10-9 as he seemed to land just a few more significant shots, but it could be either way.

Round 3: Good early combo from Johnson. And once again, to counter, Roller looks for a takedown. Roller takes Johnson’s back. He’s got a body triangle. And he’s going to start teeing off from on top. Herb dean is right up top and he stops it – to warn Roller to watch the strikes to the back of the head. He lets Roller stay on top in the same position. Dean is warning Johnson to get out of that position. And he’s able to roll out. But Roller has his back and looks for that rear naked choke. Roller squeezes Johnson’s midsection with his legs in that body lock. Roller dominating, and again he will look for the rear naked choke. Johnson is defending nicely. And Roller has to let go of the body lock, and Johnson gets on top nicely. Johnson will look for some ground and pound to salvage the round. They get back to the feet, and Johnson thorws a kick that catches him low. Dean steps in to give him time, even though Johnson lands a few on the close. Roller could’ve been on his way to a 10-8, but he’ll get a 10-9 win in the third. HeavyMMA has him winning the fight 29-28, but it’s close. It could be all over the place.

Result: Michael Johnson def. Shane Roller, unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Charles Oliveira vs. Eric Wisely
Oliveira Twitter: @C_Oliveira_UFC | Wisely Twitter: @EricWisely

Round 1: Featherweight debut for Oliveira. And he throws a front kick, then an outsdie leg kick. He blocks a Wisely kick. Oliveira catches a Wisely kick, trips him to the ground and looks to land some shots from up top. He gets a few in. Oliveira drops down for a heel hook, and he gets it. But Wisely defends. He gets out. But Oliveira takes his back nicely, torques the heck out of his Wisely’s knee and pretty quickly Wisely has to tap.

Result: Charles Oliveira def. Eric Wisely, submission, 1:43 Round 1

Cub Swanson vs. George Roop
Swanson Twitter: @CubSwanson | Roop Twitter: @GeorgeRoop

Round 1: Good early high kick from ROop. And he continues to kick to the body. Front kick from Roop misses. Roop teeps thanks to hiis big height advantage. Swanson tries to get inside with a leg kick, but no dice. Good left from Swanson. Swanson tries to kick Roops legs out from underhim, but Roop stays upright. Roop throws a nice knee, then misses a high kick. 1-2 combo and a kick to the body from Roop. Antoehr nice fron tkick from Roop. Swanson lands a good right, then just misses a beautiful spinning wheel kick. Swanson starts brawling and he has Roop in trouble. But he stays standing, and counters. They clinch up, and Roop looks for a foot stop. Roop kicks to the body, then lands some nice counters. Good right hand from Swanson. Then he misses with one, and a mouthpiece goes flying. Swanson manages to get a takedown and Roop has to fall into guard. Roop gets his mouthpiece back after Swanson stands them up. Good kick from Roop, but he’s bleeding from the nose. Swanson catches a kick and Roop goes to his back and works upkicks. Roop will get to the feet just as the round ends. It’s a great first round, and pretty close. HeavyMMA will score it for Swanson, 10-9, but it’s very close.

Round 2: Good outside leg kick from Roop 30 seconds in. Good left from Swanson along teh fence, and they break apart. Good leg kick from Swanson, and Roop tries to counter with a high front kick. They clinch up and scramble. Swanson looking for a hip toss, but Roop defends. Big right hand from Swanson. BIG – his mouthpiece goes flying into the cage. He drops Roop, he pounces, he drops some bombs. And that’s it. A little dirty as he pushes away from Roop to get back to his feet after John McCarthy waves it off, perhaps, but that’s a big-league knockout and the first win of Swanson’s UFC career.

Result: Cub Swanson def. George Roop, TKO, 2:22 Round 2

Mike Russow vs. John-Olav Einemo
Einemo Twitter: @JohnEinemo

Round 1: Russow goes in early, gets a single and gets the takedown. Einemo is very comfortable on his back, and he’s going to start to look for submissions, Rossow gets to his feet, and then immediately goes after the single. Einemo works a knee. They clinch up and Russow works body shots. Left-right from Russow and they back Einemo up. He clinches, but can’t take the fight back down. Good right from Einemo, and he follows with a right uppercut. Then a couple of hooks that land. Russow knee lands. They break after trading shots to the body, and Russow leads with a left hook that isn’t on the mark. Again he looks for a single and gets it, but Einemo connects with an upkick. Russow drops to look for side mount, but has to settle for half guard. Einemo gets back to full guard and briefly gets Russow’s wrist. Russow stands back up around a minute left and he’ll look for a chance to dive back in. When he does, Einemo gets to half guard, then back to full. They finish the round on the ground – right as Einemo flips Russow over and gets to mount as the horn sounds. It’s a beautiful move, but too little, too late. It’s a 10-9 first round for Russow, though, on the HeavyMMA card.

Round 2: They scramble and Russow moves for another takedown. He gets it, and Einemo briefly has a guillotine, but Russow pops right out. Einemo in full guard, and Russow looking to stand up and throw some bombs. But Einemo controls his wrists briefly. Einemo throws his legs up for a triangle, but it’s not there. Russow gets up and isn’t letting Einemo up. Herb Dean warns him to make a move or he’ll let him up, and Russow goes in and gets back to half guard. Russow looks for ground and pound and lands some OK shots. Nothing significant, though. Full guard for Einemo. The crowd chants “Let’s go Russow!” as Russow continues to control things without much problem. He’s just avoiding any dangerous spots where Einemo could get a submission attempt. With 30 seconds left, Dean stands them up. Einemo misses a right, and Russow gets another easy takedown with 10 seconds left. It’s another 10-9 round for Russow, and he should be up 20-18 after two.

Round 3: High kick from Einemo just misses, but he follows with a nice knee. Russow shoots for a takedown, but this one doesn’t happen. A couple big shots from Einemo, and then a knee. Russow is in a little trouble, and he gets to the ground again. But Einemo is looking for a triangle – and Russow sneak away just in time. Dean again says they need to work. Einemo not doing much on the ground. He looks completely wiped ou – and is he rope-a-doping? He nearly gets Russow’s back, but he can’t stay there. Russow gets back to the top, and passes to half guard. Russow lands a couple good shots from up top. He’s clearly got more left in the gas tank. Just as Russow looks to pass, Dean stands them up. The crosd boos the standup. Einemo get new life, lands a big knee to the body, and then enarly eats a knee to the head. But Russow dives back in, and gets the fight down again. Einemo is bleeding from the nose, and he’s truly wiped out. He said Thursday plane trouble caused a 22-hour flight to get here from Europe – but that it wouldn’t affect him in the fight. Einemo looking for an arm as the fight comes to the close, but it’s not there. Russow takes the third 10-9, and he should take the fight 30-27.

Result: Mike Russow def. John-Olav Einemo, unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Evan Dunham vs. Nik Lentz
Dunham Twitter: @EvanDunham155 | Lentz Twitter: @NikLentz

Round 1: Quick exchange from each. Lentz kicks, then shoots for a takedown and gets it. He grabs ahold of a headliock looking for a guillotine, but he pops out. Good counter from Duhham, and Lentz counters with a leg kick. Both men land rights, and Lentz comes back with a nice exchange. He pushes Dunham to the fence, then gets him up and down with a takedown. Lentz looks for a a neck as they stand up. Good knee from Lentz as he gives up the choke attempt. They both land good shots on the break. They trade, and Lentz looks for a takedown. Dunham gets a standing guillotine, but can’t hold on. He goes to the ground and Lentz looks for a choke of his own. Good short elbows from Dunham gets him to a break. Dunham shoots in for a takedown, gets a double and gets a short slam. Lentz is pulling his foot up looking for an omoplata, but he lets it go. Dunham finishes the first round on top, but it’s a 10-9 first round for Lentz on the HeavyMMA card.

Round 2: Dunham comes out fast, and looks for a takedown. Lentz is looking for an omoplata, but Dunham gets around to side control. They spin around and Dunham tries to take his back, but can’t get it. Lentz pushes off, and they get back to the feet. They dirty box on the cage with Lentz getting some good shots in. Good leg kick from Lentz. Lentz shoots for a takedown, and Dunham looks for a guillotine. Dunhma lands some good shots and they throw a big barrage and smile at each other. Lentz swings and misses and shoots, and Dunham lands a shot as he takes the fight to the ground. Good shots from Dunham from up top, then he locks in a side choke and Lentz looks like he might be in trouble. But Lentz gets out and Dunham continues to work the ground and pound on a bleeding Lentz. Lentz scrambles out and Dunham lands a nasty shot to Lentz’s face, and he’s bleeding pretty badly. It’s a 10-9 round for Dunham on Heavy’s card – but it doesn’t matter. There won’t be a Round 3. The doctors wave it off due to Lentz’s nasty cut under his left eye.

Result: Evan Dunham def. Nik Lentz, TKO (doctor stoppage), 5:00 Round 2