Josh Koscheck Earns Narrow Decision Win Over Mike Pierce at UFC 143

Josh Koscheck, right, vs. Mike Pierce (James Law/HeavyMMA)

Koscheck earns split-decision, fans unhappy

They say two things are certain in life. It’s time to add a third.

Along with death and taxes, the only guarantee in this world is that fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship will always express their disdain for welterweight contender Josh Koscheck, win or lose.

Koscheck, who competed against Mike Pierce on the main card of UFC 143 this weekend, earned a split decision victory after three very close rounds of action that featured, predominantly, fans shouting “Koscheck sucks!” and booing nearly endlessly.

In the opening frame, Pierce surprised Koscheck with his improved striking, landing several nice shots throughout the first five minutes. Although he could not get a takedown against his fellow wrestler, Pierce did enough on all three scorecards to take the opening round, while Koscheck seemed shocked at how the first five minutes played out.

The second round, however, was a better one for Koscheck. While he did earn a late takedown, which likely secured him the round on two of three scorecards, he continued to struggle on the feet, not finding a home for the overhand right that has earned him several victories throughout his career with the promotion. Still, he did enough, if only just enough.

The third round was almost equally as narrow, as Koscheck continued to search for a big shot, while Pierce continued to impress with his striking. Both fighters landed several decent shots throughout the round, though neither were able to definitively sway the momentum in his direction. Koscheck looked to secure the round with a late takedown and, even though he failed to earn it, all three judges unanimously awarded him the round, allowing him to win the contest via split-decision.

In his post-fight speech, Koscheck had to battle the boo’s in order to get any of his messages across. Instead, per the usual, Koscheck addressed the fans, stating that he knows they hate him, but that is not going to stop him from winning time after time. Take his loss to Georges St-Pierre out of the equation, and there is little to argue with.

“Guess what?” Koscheck yelled to the fans following his victory. “Deal with it, man. I win. I find a way to win.”

Indeed, on almost every occasion since September of 2009, he has. But what makes the win so much sweeter for Koscheck is the fact that the man he defeated called him out in order to make the match up come to fruition.

Pierce, who has transitioned into MMA nicely with his solid wrestling background and ever-improving striking, specifically targeted Koscheck after his last fight, hoping to catch the promotion’s attention. He did just that and proceeded to talk up the bout more and more over the past few months.

Instead of becoming the heel through his trash talk, however, Pierce became somewhat of a hero, though that is not much to ask when facing a villain such as Koscheck. Still, “The Ultimate Fighter: Season One” veteran walked away with the win. The fan’s weren’t on his side, but, when it comes to Josh Koscheck, that is just another day at the office.

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